These Are The 10 Things That Terrify Narcissists to Their Core

A narcissist may appear to not be afraid of anything, but if we are being honest they are. Of course, we all have our own fears, even narcissists.

There are some things that completely terrify narcissist, and if you have ever encountered one you know the following things to be true. Because of their inflated ego and lack of care for anything but themselves it is actually quite easy to point out their fears. Does this sound like someone you know?

10 Things That Terrify a Narcissist:

1. Getting old and aging in general

For the most part, a narcissist will get worse with age. This is because with age comes a lot of negative things they cannot handle. They are very concerned with their physical appearance so any sign of aging could send them into a downwards spiral of anger or depression. The older a narcissist gets the more cranky they will be.

2. Losing success be it a career or something else

They hate taking steps backward, and when it comes to the first thing I mentioned a loss of success often comes with aging. They may lose all of their money or even get pushed off by a company they worked for their whole life and that is something that scares the shit out of them.

3. Death

This is one of those that goes without saying, most of us are scared of dying. However, for a narcissist death means they can no longer be in the spotlight and they cannot even handle the thought of that. If you’ve ever noticed that lots of narcissists become religious out of nowhere when they get old it is because they are finally thinking about whether or not they will be held accountable for their actions when the time comes.

4. Exposure

Narcissists hate being called out on their abusive behavior. It is something that generally throws them into a fit of rage and of course, they never want to be held accountable for the things they do. That being said if you haven’t noticed by now they’re great at gaslighting and getting others to side with them.

5. Being disrespected

Of course, no one likes to be disrespected but a narcissist is much more afraid of it than most. This is because of the false image he/she is always trying to maintain. They literally feel like they are going to die when they are disrespected.

6. Being ignored

Ignoring a narcissist will make things ugly real quick; when they are being ignored their ego is getting nothing from us. These people would rather be hated than ignored because at least then they are still getting something from you. They need to be acknowledged to feel content even if it is in a negative way.

7. Being made fun of

A narcissist will make fun of everyone around them, but if you try to turn the tables they get super upset. They take themselves far too seriously and poking fun at them makes them feel like an empty puppet. They will fall to pieces.

8. Abandonment

By leaving or ‘abandoning’ a narcissist you are taking everything away from them. This is why if you threaten to leave them they either shower you with affection hoping you’ll stay or find a way to force you into sticking around.

9. Rejection

If you ever turn down a narcissist they get pretty upset. They think that because of their inflated ego they can have whoever and whatever they want so when someone says ‘no’ to them you can best bet there will be a lot of negative things spread around about that person.

10. Someone taking their spotlight

If someone better than them pops up in their personal lives or their workplace you best bet they will be afraid. They do not want anyone taking the attention they crave away from them.

Narcissists are everywhere and are all afraid of these things without a doubt. If you or someone you know is being abused by a narcissist please get out or help them to get out. No one deserves to live like that.

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