These Are The 8 Things That Narcissists Are Terrified to Face

While narcissists may seem like they’re fearless beings who can’t be shaken by anything, there are things that they are terrified of. Here are a few things that actually scare a narcissist and can shake their core more than anything else.



Narcissists aren’t good with any kind of criticism. And rejection is one of the worst things that can happen to them. They live for validation and if you threaten to leave them or tell them that something they’re doing is not up to the mark, their rage will know no bounds.


They can’t stand someone leaving them stranded no matter how much of a role they had to play in it. Narcissists are scared of being abandoned and they will do anything to avoid it from happening.




Poking fun at them

Narcissists are known to be low on sense of humor. They indulge in occasionally making fun of others, but can’t take a joke themselves. A joke at their expense, even the most harmless one, is one of their greatest fear as the like to keep up the facade of their perfect self.

Not being respected

While everyone wants to be treated with respect, the narcissist has a much larger appetite for it. Due to the larger than life image they want to establish of themselves, they like to demand an equal amount of respect for it.

Loss of their youth

Narcissists want the best phase of their life to last forever — their youth. They fear aging and want to hold on to their youth for as long as they can.



Getting exposed

While narcissists like having their way, they don’t really care how they do it. They may abuse and trample people on the way to getting what they want and never want anyone to notice. However, if someone does call them out on their misconduct, they lash out. They do not like it when others become aware of their dark side.

Being ignored

They thrive on attention and they love being the center of everyone’s admiration. Getting ignored or not being paid attention to is the bane of a narcissist’s existence. And they will claw for your attention if you ignore them.




While death is a universal fear, a narcissist is far more terrified of it. The complete removal of one’s existence and the ultimate banishment into oblivion is what scares them more than death itself.



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