These Are Things Parents Do To Raise ‘Good’ Kids

Most of us are guilty of secretly wishing the worst upon parents of spoilt unruly kids. But whenever we come across well-behaved, amiable, and empathetic kids, we are filled with joy but rarely do we ever give enough credit to the unsung heroes that are their parents. Some good parents just know what to do from day one and some just go with the flow.

When the time comes most of us have to buckle up and swallow the parenting Kool-Aid, and more often than not we’re in the dark about how we’re supposed to go about it and do it well. For those who really want to raise little angels and eventually good functional human beings, here are a few things good parents do and you should too.

They set good examples as a role model

Parents are the first people a child is introduced to and the first real learning experience that children have. Children learn nearly everything from their parents. And if one sets a good example by being honest, fair, respectful, and more, one’s kids are likely to learn and do the same. Even though a parent may not be perfect, even acknowledging one’s mistake or apologising to one’s child can leave them with great life lessons and ensure you are always the best role model for them.

They set high yet realistic expectations

Good parents expect the best from their children. But at the same time they don’t wish to make them perfect. Parents need to make their kids realise that they have certain responsibilities aside from themselves. They have to learn about chores, good manners, school work, friends, and so on. Expecting them to be balanced individuals in all aspects is the best way to go forward.

They spend quality time with the kids

It doesn’t matter how much time you get to spend with your kids. What matters is how you spend it and what you do during that time. Good parents listen to their children, actively participate in their academic and extra-curricular life, and are involved in most things they do. It’s a good way to show how much you love them and will be there for them in every phase of their life.

They teach them gratitude

An effective way of instilling compassion in children is by teaching them to express gratitude. Good parents teach kids to count their blessings, help their siblings and friends with chores, encourage them to be generous and giving, and so on.

They’re all about the bigger picture

A child’s tiny world revolves around their friends and family, and rarely expands beyond that. It is the job of the parents to make them understand that there is an entire universe beyond this little circle and everyone in it matters.


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