These Cigarettes, Rolling Tobacco And Vapes Are Now Illegal

Cigarettes have demolished the health of many, and even taken some down for the count. This sad and addictive habit is the one to kick.

Cigarette producers have been adding in toxic chemicals to their cigarettes and tobacco for years now. They use toxic chemicals to make them more addictive so that nobody can be strong enough to quit. However, recently many people have swapped to vaping as opposed to smoking because of the believed health benefits. While no form of smoking is good for you, I suppose vaping is a little healthier. However, the corporate CEO’s and marketers have gotten their hands on vape juice.

Because of the ridiculous amounts of chemicals and byproducts added into their products, as of May 2016, they are required to standardize packaging. Shops did have a year to get rid of old stock, but now lots of different types of cigarettes, vape juices, and chewing tobacco will be banned with a complete ban on menthol cigarettes coming in May 2020. The charity Action on Smoking and Health explains the sudden disruption in the tobacco industry and how it will help society kick the habit as a whole.

The law States:

  • Refillable tanks must have a capacity of no more than 2ml
  • E-liquids can not be sold in quantities greater than 10ml
  • Unless registered as a medicine e-liquids can not have a nicotine strength of more than 20mg/ml
  • E-liquid packaging must be child-resistant and tamper evident
  • Additives including coloring, caffeine, and taurine are banned
  • All e-cigarettes and e-liquids must be registered with the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency before they can be sold
  • Stricter labeling requirements

Amanda Sandford from the Action on Smoking and Health states more about the law:

Cigarettes are already expensive and the price increase of cigarettes is a key factor in making people quit smoking.

So by removing the packet of ten cigarettes, this means people will have to find that extra money for a packet.

It will hit poorer and younger smokers harder who are more likely to buy smaller packs.

This is again to deter people as they will have to spend more. At the moment people are able to buy it in packets of 10g, 20g and so on.

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