These images—taken from an airplane—will make your Jaw Drop!

Being a pilot is probably one of the most beautiful professions out there. Not only do you get to travel all around the globe if you’re lucky, you meet great people, and have the opportunity to see the world from a totally different angle. Now, if you have more than one passion—asides flying—like being a photographer, then the results are out of this world.

Some of the images in this article are the result of exactly that. Pilots who love their job and have a passion for photography.

One such example is Christiaan van Heijst who works as an airline pilot flying 747 jumbo jets around the world. How cool is that?. By night and also by day because WHY NOT?, Van Heijst masks up as a talented photographer who manages to take countless breathtaking photos from his seat in the cockpit. The images offer a totally different perspective of not only the ground but the sky as well. Check out Christiaan van Heijst‘s work on his website, Instagram, PBase, 500px, and Facebook.

Here are a few of his images:

However, he is not the only pilot to have snapped breathtaking images of our planet, and the sky above. Another talented photographer and pilot is Santiago Borja Lopez from Ecuador.

While traveling around the world, Borja Lopez carries his camera and ‘stalks’ the planet to take the perfect image. Luckily for him, and for us, he has succeeded many times in bringing images to the public that are beyond breathtaking. The photographs taken by Borja Lopez offer a completely revolutionary and artistic view of the sky, the planet, and a pilot’s surroundings while traveling high above the surface.

Borja Lopez has managed to photograph incredible cloud formations, storms, and even lightning bolts, which make me want to grab my camera on the next flight and try to capture some of the magical views Borja Lopez has photographed.

Borja Lopez flies a Boeing 767-300ER for a major airline in South America. AS a photographer, he mainly captures Nature and Landscapes. His incredible work has been featured in The Washington Post, NatGeo Daily Dozen and other media.  Borja Lopez tries to post daily on Instagram, twitter, and Facebook, so follow him!

Here are some of the images taken by Borja Lopez.

A single lightning is able to illuminate dozens of kilometers around it at once.

We all know up there it’s only magic that moves everything around.

A unique capture of an isolated Cumulonimbus reaching and overshooting the Tropopause. Seen from an Airliner at 37000Ft

A sharp lightning illuminates this narrow yet powerful storm. While flashing just a few miles from the coast of Miami as we fly south over the Atlantic Ocean.

Flying over the Colombian Amazonia about to enter Ecuadorian airspace to descend over the Andes into Guayaquil

More info: | Instagram

Christiaan van HeijstInstagram, PBase, 500px,Facebook

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