Things You Learn When a Long – Term Relationship Collapses in Your 20s

Ending a long-term relationship can be crippling to both parties and leave you questioning who you are. Dealing with breakups are different when you’re not in high school anymore and the following I have found to be true.

1. No one cares how sad you are.

Unless you are to the point where you are going to off yourself sulking is not going to get you attention. (No I am not promoting suicide.) When you are in your 20s everyone has already experienced heartbreak and gotten over it before. No one is going to spend a whole night listening to you cry over your ex,

2. You forgot how to flirt.

Yes, flirting is completely out of the picture at the point. You have to relearn everything.

3. You’re a most likely fatter than you were before your relationship started.

When we get comfortable in a relationship we tend to let ourselves gain some weight. We don’t put as much effort into maintaining our appearance.

4. Real friends do exist in small numbers.

We do still have a few real friends. They will be there for us through whatever we are going through to an extent. Chances are these are the friends who let you crash on their couch when shit hits the fan.

5. Approaching new people is hard.

Going out and having fun is no problem but of course, it most likely isn’t as appealing as it used to be and you have no idea how to introduce yourself to the opposite sex.

6. You are a bit lost.

Sometimes our other halves keep up with things. You don’t even know which dry cleaner to pick you clothes up from now do you?

7. You don’t really want all the freedom you have now.

Sure you are free to do whatever and whoever you want now but you really aren’t as interested in getting laid as you thought you would be and chances are finding someone to sleep with is harder than you thought.

8. Dating is no longer familiar.

You have no idea how to ‘date.’ This is literally all new to you. You haven’t been on a date in at least five years, how does this even work?

9. You are gonna be okay.

You didn’t waste your time with your ex and while you have a lot to learn or relearn things will work out. You will be just fine on your own or in a new relationship when the time comes.

Sure, coming out of a long-term relationship in your 20s is scary and hard but in the end, everything will work out. You may be confused and go through a bit of a dry spell but once you get back on your feet someone will come along and you will be dating again. It just takes time, something you have plenty of. Don’t worry.

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