This 15-Year-Old Was Kicked Out Of Class Because He Braided His Hair

Females are allowed to go to school with extensions and braids in their hair, so why aren’t males be allowed to do the same? This is a question thousands of people are now asking, following a 15-year-old boy being kicked out of class at RSA Academy in Tipton, West Midlands, for having braids in his hair.

Following the half term holidays, Waterfield returned to school with a new hairdo. Though it seems innocent enough to onlookers, teachers at the academy put him into isolation, saying the haircut was “extreme.” When Jordan’s mom, Trisha Jukes, was called, to pick him up, she couldn’t believe the school’s response.

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“I never imagined there’d be a problem with Jordan’s hair, girls go to school with plaits in, so why couldn’t my son?” said Jukes, who is a college student. “As soon as I found out that he was put in isolation I was shocked, his hair cut wasn’t bothering anyone.”

“It’s a shame that he has missed out on a big chunk of education for the day just because of his hair,” she added. “If other people in his school are allowed to have plaits in their hair, my son should be too. It isn’t an ‘extreme haircut’ in the slightest.”

The mother is most upset about the fact that Jordan has been going to the RSA Academy for four years, “and nothing like this has ever happened with regards to his hair.” She said, “His hair cut wasn’t doing anything to effect his learning — but sending him home from school is.”

Reportedly, the teen’s school uniform was “immaculate.” He had picked up the idea for a new hairdo by “watching a lot of YouTube videos.” He “decided that he wanted to have his hair braided. It was getting long on the top, and he wanted it even longer, so he decided to get it braided,” said Jukes. “The braids were only tied together by small black elastic bands – and the rest of his uniform was immaculate.”

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After transporting her son home, Jukes complained to the school administrators. However, she was “passed from one member of staff to the next.” She recalled, “I was told Jordan was allowed back into school a few hours later.”

Funny enough, Waterfield tried to tidy up his hair by cutting it shorter and shaving two lines into his head. However, this further irritated the school staff. Apparently, he went back to school the next day and no one said a thing. But on Friday… Said Jukes, “It wasn’t until Friday morning that I received a phone call from the school telling me that they had put him into isolation because of the lines in his hair. I was told that I either had to shave the lines out, or he would be in isolation until they grew out.”

The exasperated mother said, “The only problem is, if I shave them out of his hair, it means his hair will be even shorter and subsequently even messier.” The RSA Academy has declined to comment. Meanwhile, internet users have expressed their outrage at such suffocating restrictions enforced by the school.

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One of the greatest flaws of the modern school system is its insistence that every human being needs to conform to the majority. Self-expression is healthy. When kids and young adults are allowed to dress and look the way they choose, they are less likely to act out in retaliation later on. Some adults are quick to shut down self-expression, as (even unknowingly) they feel suffocated by a society that demands perfection in an imperfect world.

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