This 4-minute video will change the way you look at life. Wow!

This 4-minute video is the most powerful short-film I have come across. It was was created to raise your awareness on the conservation of our planet. Don’t let your INDIFFERENCE take over you. SHARE THIS RIGHT NOW! There’s still time. Planet Earth is You.

Have you ever thought about what Global awareness is? Most of us haven’t realized it yet but, our planet—and the human race together with it—is going through an exciting time.

Like never before, our species is being driven by a conscious evolution that according to many is unprecedented.

However, it is time to remember what we are doing on Earth, and most importantly, what we are doing TO earth and everything around us.

This fascinating short video clip was made by Carlos Chavira (carloschaviratv), and it delivers a truly powerful message to everyone.

The truth is that everything presented in this video is found all around us every single day. Some of you may watch this video and it will be forgotten in an instant because many of us aren’t fully aware of what is going on all around us.

In the distant past, thousands of yeas ago things were very different. Our ancestors were fully aware of their surroundings, and many authors agree that ancient cultures were very spiritual, conscious and aware that we need Earth more than it needs us.

It’s a time that modern society realizes that change is something that needs to occur if we are to truly fulfill our human potential.

It’s as if mankind has become a slave to life…

Do you feel free?

We say FREEDOM, and liberty are present in society because we have a home, a job, a car, but in the end, we are all stuck on a MASSIVE ‘island’ in space called Earth. We have DE-EVOLVED to the point where we cannot obtain food from nature, drink fresh, ice cold water and use the land Earth has given us to make our homes.

Yes, once—in the very distant past—when the word freedom was still not defined, we were able and capable of doing everything freely, without fear, and without freedom, because it is modern society who has created the word, but failed miserably to define it, let alone implement it adequately.

Please note, there are a couple of images some might find graphic, be warned. Most of the video is very powerful, though.

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