This Animation Exposes ‘Shadow World’ That Controls Society and You’ll Never Forget it (Video)

As a millennial suffering from a perennial existential crisis for having the best and worst at the same time, I’m a sucker for any critique of the modern world. Especially in the form of art.

Several brilliant artists world over have delved into social commentary in the form of design, performance art, installations, videos, and so on. And this short film does a brilliant job of showing us that all is not right in our semi-dystopian modern world.

Our thoughts and actions are no longer our own, rather everything we do is being orchestrated by a shadow in various forms. The shadow of politics runs our country, pressure to conform shadows our education system, the shadow of all media forms controls our online presence, and most of all, the shadow of our past governs our future.


While we’ve been beaten hollow by life and the ‘real world’ we still wear a smile and maintain a facade for other’s to see. We’re essentially trying to show the world that we’re living our ideal lives whereas it is far from the truth.

The following short film is a poignant portrayal of our world that’s run by nameless and faceless shadows, and how existing in today’s world requires us to wear a brave face at all times. While it gives a grim picture of where we’re headed it also ends on a positive note about how we can overcome our doomed future.

Watch this animation — with or without substance, you decide — and get your mind blown.



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