This Anti-Skipping School Ad Is The Most Disturbing Thing I’ve Ever Seen

High school students worldwide know one thing: School can be extremely boring. So boring, in fact, that the desire to play hooky can be overwhelming. While the occasional “sick day” (cough cough) might be a great opportunity to learn how to relate to your peers, the following anti-skipping video shows a terrifying reason that might make you never want to skip school again. Be forewarned: It’s graphic. It’s violent. It’s not safe for work. If you’re still game, then watch on:

Pretty twisted, right? Thankfully, this isn’t an ad that’s ever aired anywhere but YouTube… It’s a project of a few Australian filmmakers, and the Learn for Life project isn’t a real organization. Mad props to the crafty filmmakers for a disturbing, terrifying, and ultimately entertaining advertisement!

Check out the original article that inspired this here.

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