How She Actually Wants To Be Loved (According To Her Zodiac)

It’s always difficult to decide what exactly to say or do in order to impress or attract a partner. Of course, you should always be yourself, but there are certainly ways to be better or worse versions of yourself, as well. What’s more, it should go without saying that every human being is incredibly unique, and this makes it more impossible to know what your best approach is. Fortunately, much can be learned from a person’s Zodiac sign, and there is definitely a lot you can learn pertaining to who and what someone of a particular sign is attracted to.



Aries tend to be best friends and excellent lovers, and these are the types of people who are attractive to individuals of the sign of Aries as well. Additionally, Aries usually enjoy constant discussion and planning, so focus on the present and future in order to keep up with them. People of the sign of Aries are also more competitive than most individuals, so be prepared to contend against them in order to contend for them.



A Taurus loves a social life and a social partner, so be prepared to show your relationship off in-person and online. They also gravitate toward luxury and gourmet food, so be prepared to dust-off your credit card, too.



Geminis are usually passionate and impractical, so be forewarned that they run very fast when they are fleeing from questionable love. They also get bored easily and are highly intelligent, so be sure to keep them stimulated in addition to keeping them loved.



Cancers love trust before most other things, so ensure that you are trustworthy before you even consider courting a Cancer. However, trust must also be earned as opposed to being given, so don’t expect a Cancer to reveal themselves before you do.



Leos value faithfulness and honesty, so loyalty is key in all of their relationships. Make sure you’re ready to commit before attempting to catch a Leo’s eye, because the more they love you the more that’s what they’ll want to do with you.



A Virgo tends to have extremely high standards, and this means long-term over short-term pleasure. Virgos usually appreciate being challenged by their partners because it pushes them to overcome difficulties and accomplish goals. If you’re good at pushing hard without pushing too far, then a Virgo might be ideal for you.



Since Libras are normally quite charming and attractive, they usually have no shortage of potential partners chatting them up. Classics like wine, roses, candles, and gourmet dinners are virtual musts for Libras, so make sure you bring your A-game if you want a shot at love.



Scorpios tend to desire partners who they can’t live without. They also love intimacy, so if they’re into you it probably won’t be long until you know them inside and out, mentally, emotionally, and physically. Scorpios also get jealous and insecure easily, so make sure to stay in your lane if you want to stay in a relationship with a Scorpio.



Sagittarius individuals normally have free spirits and fear commitments. With this in mind, don’t be surprised if you hit it off quickly with a Sag, but don’t be surprised if your relationship ends quickly either. In order to avoid a breakup, be sure to keep things original, spontaneous, enjoyable, and loving.



Capricorns tend to be more serious than most people, so they appreciate hard work and lofty ambitions. This is often reflected in the types of partners they’re attracted to as well, so be sure to impress and you’ll be sure to get a chance to impress again tomorrow.



Human beings of the sign of Aquarius are often highly intelligent and creative, but they need a large amount of freedom in order to function properly. If you’re OK with being inspired as opposed to being flattered, then an Aquarius might be an ideal partner for you.



Pisces love love itself, so they want their love to make their partners better people (and vice-versa). Pisces are also gentle and caring, but their sensitivity can make them vulnerable to heartbreak. Pisces also desire passion and romance, but if you think you can handle their wide array of needs and desires, then you’ll be in for an extremely enjoyable (and exhausting) life.







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