How To Love Her The Way She Wants (Based On Her Zodiac)

Can you remember the first time you frantically asked a friend for advice on how to convince someone you’re in love with to love you in return? Regardless of the friend or the advice, every human being is truly individual, so odds are that no magic words will ever bee 100% effective at compelling love. However, if you familiarize yourself with the distinct characteristics of each particular zodiac sign, you’ll at least be able to maximize the odds that what you choose to say and do will be received well—romantically, that is.



Human beings of the sign of Aries desire partners who make great friends, worthy confidantes, and outstanding lovers. They want their partners to speak to them frequently, deeply, and completely honestly, and they want their partners to genuinely enjoy hearing about all their hopes, dreams, and aspirations. Furthermore, they want their partners to enjoy their silliness, and to be silly themselves every once in while.



Taurus desire the type of romantic partner that likes getting out and then letting the world know about it (so, Taurus also love social media). These people want their relationships to be as perfect as possible and they’re willing to put in the time and effort to make their relationships as flawless as they can be—so you can see why they’re likely to show-off a little.



People of the sign of Gemini are both passionate and impractical, so it’s not difficult to see why finding a partner who will be ideal all the time might not be easy for them. Moreover, Geminis sometimes run away from love if it’s just not intense enough, or even if their partners just aren’t paying close enough attention to the relationship in general.



Cancers demand and require absolute trust in a romantic partner, but this doesn’t mean they will ever be willing to share everything. However, if a Cancer ever does open up both their heart and mind to you, you’ll know that they’re ready to commit long-term.



When it comes to an ideal romantic partner, Leos value faithfulness and honesty above all else. If they know their partner possesses these characteristics, they will be 100% loyal and committed to them. Leos want a relationship in which both partners go above, beyond, and everywhere in between for one another.



People of the sign of Virgo tend to have extremely high standards, and short-term relationships or hookups are definitely not high on their list of things to do in life. That being said, individuals of the Virgo sign do appreciate being challenged by a partner as long as they are also praised when it is warranted as well. Virgos also tend to think big, so they look for partners with like minds.



Libras are usually both charming and attractive, so it shouldn’t be surprising that they often have several options on the table when it comes to romantic partners. What’s more, when they feel as though they have fallen in live, then they want the experience to live-up to all the demand and the hype. They just want to be with someone who is passionately consumed by them—and who isn’t afraid to show it.



Human beings of the sign of Scorpio want a partner who feels like they can’t live without them, or at least who don’t want to live without being in a loving relationship with them. As such, Scorpios normally reveal their raw selves early and often, and the rest of the romance will move quickly as well if things are progressing as desired. Scorpios do have a tendency to get a little jealous from time to time, but they’re usually happy as long as you spend a lot of one-on-one time with them.



Sagittarius tend to be free-spirited and anti-commitment, which can certainly be a difficult combination to possess when it comes to finding meaningful romantic love. However, this is one case in which people—or partners—of like mind would probably be best for each other.



Capricorn’s usually take life quite seriously, so they often work long, hard hours and devote much time and energy to accomplishing significant things. With this in mind, Capricorns desire long-term, passionately-exhausting relationships (and partners). Marriage, kids, and legacies are normally mandatory.



People of the Aquarius sign tend to be smart and creative, and they desire more freedom than many partners are willing to grant or allow. Aquarius long for partners who will appreciate their intelligence, embrace their creativity, and trust them enough to let them spend significant time out alone.



Human beings of the sign of Pisces genuinely love loving their partners, and they desire partners who will love them just as deeply and truly in return. Additionally, Pisces want to be inspired by their romantic partners, and they want their partners to be inspired to accomplish great things by them as well. However, Pisces also tend to be sensitive and introverted, so they’re a little conflicted to say the least.



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