This Is How She’ll Sabotage Her Relationship, Based On Her Zodiac Sign

Astrology can tell us a lot about who we are as people. The cosmos undeniably knows more about us than we know about ourselves.

Our zodiac sign can tell us lots about who we are, what we like to do, and who we like to do it with. It can also predict what we might do in the future. Oddly enough, we share traits and characteristics with our zodiac sign brothers and sisters. Looking into your partner’s zodiac sign can be really helpful to a relationship because it gives you an insight into who they are. It can also predict your compatibility and what might happen to end it.

Some zodiac signs pair amazingly, while some are matches made in hell. Using your zodiac sign we are able to predict what you might do to sabotage your relationship.


Aries is a very close minded person. They tend to have trouble looking at things from another person’s point of view because they often get trapped in their own mind. This can cause problems because they tend to point out the issues their partner has, but deny their own. Aries will sabotage the relationship by ignoring the needs of their partner.


Taurus has a problem with tending to their own needs. They are very closed off and don’t share much about themselves. If you’re impatient you shouldn’t be with a Taurus because it takes them a long time to open up.


Gemini is the zodiac sign of a thousand different faces. They have trouble being consistent which can cause intense trust issues. They can also act in the moment and say things they shouldn’t, along with doing things they shouldn’t.


Cancer is a very thoughtful person, but they take it a bit too far. Because of this they will ruin the relationship due to neglecting themselves. Soon they’re in a one sided relationship and they did it by themselves.


Leo is always looking for a way to be in the spotlight. They love having the attention on them which can cause issues in the relationship too. Because they think so highly of themselves they will expect too much out of their partner. They typically make everything in the world about their partner which can make them feel a bit suffocated. They will be unable to match the Leo’s intensity which will dissatisfy them with the relationship.


Virgo is very intelligent and they often think too highly of themselves. Because of this they try to fix other people’s problems and make them better in general; Even when it can be offensive. They accidentally rub people the wrong way, but they can’t help it. Their need to fix things will eventually appear to be very judgmental, and their partner will feel insufficient.


Libra tends to be an over thinker. They have trouble trusting people because the smallest behavioral change can make them think everything is different. They overthink so much that it makes it impossible to have trust. The relationship will fail because of trust issues.


Scorpio has an overwhelming desire for the other side of the fence. They are constantly wondering if they could have something better because they are quite the perfectionist. If the relationship has the slightest flaw, don’t be surprised to see them flee.


A Sagittarius falls in love way too hard. They are definite hopeless romantics and their attachment can be overwhelming. They often base their own personal happiness on the relationship, thus suffocating the other partner.


Capricorn has issues taking risks and coming out of their comfort zone. One of the most essential parts of a relationship is sharing experiences and taking risks. Their lack of cooperation will soon become a problem.


Aquarius are not proclaimed for their communication skills. They tend to be introverted people and have trouble letting people in. They tend to withdraw feelings and emotions from their partner in fear of vulnerability. This can cause some trust issues and their partner eventually gets exhausted from trying to get to know aquarius.


Pisces is known for fantasizing what they want in a relationship. Whether it is the white picket fence, adventure, or knight in shining armor, she has been dreaming about it since she was a child. When partners do not meet their fantasies, which is impossible, they become extremely dissatisfied in the relationship. Pisces will always wonder who can give them their fantasy, thus they have issues settling down and compromising. Ultimately, they won’t give up on the fairy tale idea, and that’s just not what relationships are.

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