This is How You Can Overcome Addiction Through Meditation

In the modern day world, we are surrounded by dangerous substances that are extremely addictive.

Even worse, we are offered more addictive substances to get off of the ones we were addicted to in the first place. It’s all a cycle of profit, and it’s time to break it.

There are so many things a person can become addicted to in the modern day world; drugs, video games, gambling, alcohol, cigarettes – you name it. In fact, I suppose a person can be addicted to anything that gives them pleasure or a false sense of reality. The modern day world can be so stressful and hectic that people are way too often seeking an alternative reality – and some people find that in drugs. Others might find their alternative reality in social media and Instagram likes while other people wash it down with a drink.

No matter what you or a loved one might be addicted to, it can seriously wreak havoc on your life. Even if what you are addicted to isn’t dangerous, for example, a workaholic, it can negatively impact your life. One who is addicted to work will spend every waking moment working and furthering their career. Thus ignoring the needs of the ones that love them and their own needs. In the scenario of an addiction, the only thing that matters is getting to that fix. The substances and actions people are addicted to essentially brainwash them into not thinking about anything else besides how they’re going to get their fix.

However, addiction can leave someone with nothing and nobody, and it can very easily spin out of control. You might think you have it all under control in the beginning, but it is only X amount of time until it all crumbles and takes you down with it. There are rehabilitation facilities for addicts, but they are excruciatingly costly and often do very little good. Of course, it is easy to refrain from your DOC in rehab, but as soon as you get out it is a new battle. Instead, try beating addiction with meditation.

Meditation can be used for all kinds of things. It is one of the most practiced medicinal methods in history. Meditation has been utilized for health concerns for thousands of years. Buddhist and Hindu cultures believe meditation to be essential to living in itself because it connects us with our higher consciousness. There was even a study performed on the ability of meditation to cure an addiction.

In the study researchers placed rats in cages with two bottles of water; one laced with cocaine or heroin, and one normal bottle of water. At first, researchers were not surprised to see that almost 100% of the rats were drawn to the heroin water because it made them feel good. However, the rats are placed in barren cages with nothing except the water.

Addiction has much to do with the environment around us. If you are in a chaotic environment obviously it will be easier to form a drug addiction than if you weren’t. However, the rats that chose the heroin water over the regular water would almost immediately overdose after giving the supply, when they were placed in cages that actually had stuff rats like, they would go to the regular water instead.

When the rats were placed in barren metal cages with nothing to do except choosing between two drinks of water; water that makes you feel amazing because it’s laced with heroin or regular water. Of course, the rats almost immediately chose the heroin water, but it changed when they made reforms to the cages they were in. the researchers made rat paradise cages with cheese, spinny wheels, hay, snacks, and female rats to mate with. Once they made these revisions, the rats automatically drank the water that was not laced and enjoyed the activities around them. Thus, if the environment is pleasant, the rats are less likely to continue an addiction.

What does this have to do with meditation? Well, when we meditate we are able to change our perception on things. Meditating gives your consciousness a chance to take in your entire reality and adjust to it. You can change points of view or just simply work out a stressful day.

Our belief that we are solely physical beings is the very thing stopping us from being able to fly around and bend the elements. Same goes for anything, including quitting an addiction. If you do not believe it is possible or it’s just too hard right now, then you limit yourself from actually being able to do it.

If you know you are going to be stressed and need that release eventually, you have to take the steps to ensure you can be stress-free. This could look like taking a small vacation, going camping or something simple that relieves stress from you.

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