This Is How You Declutter Your Space To Reduce Stress And Anxiety

Is this what your room looks like?


And is this what it’s doing to you?


If you’re a clutter-bug like me, you know how much anxiety your mess can cause you. And now it’s a science-backed fact that clutter and anxiety are basically siblings who love hanging out with each other.

A study conducted by researchers from Princeton University concluded that, in an environment filled with a lot of stuff, people were far less capable of focusing for a prolonged period of time. They were much more focused in an organized environment as compared to a cluttered one.

The hyper-stimulation around the visual cortex prevented the brain from processing information efficiently. This lead to delayed attention and response time to the given task.

But, fear not clutter-bugs and hoarders. All is not lost. There is a solution to this mess-induced brain mess and it’s called ‘minimalism’.

Minimalism is the lifestyle practice that propagates the idea that ‘less is more’. Minimalists believe that only a few things bring them honest pleasure, anything over that is extra and can be discarded. They aren’t particularly attached to material things and are more about the bigger things in life.

Minimalism is the key to decluttering your home, workspace, and life. And it is one of the best ways to manage your physical possessions and get rid of a truckload of stress.

You can start by discarding things in your home that don’t bring you joy. And if that is also too difficult for you, here’s a handy guide to decluttering your home and your life.


In your bathroom:

  • Old toiletries – Those expired products and empty bottles have got to go.
  • Worn out bath mats – Those germs though.
  • Dried up nail-polish – What is even the purpose of this?
  • Old makeup – Unless you want a ton of acne.
  • Old air freshener cans – Show them the door. But make sure you dispose aerosol cans properly.


In your living room

  • DVDs – Who even uses them anymore?
  • Newspapers – They get stale by the evening of their delivered date.
  • Toys – Old ones which you or your kids don’t care about anymore.
  • Manuals – Everything’s available online these days. So throw these clutterers away.
  • Old batteries – Please just let these die a respectful death in a dumpster and let them not leak in a functional gadget.


In your bedroom

  • Worn out sheets and bedding – You’ll know when their time has come.
  • Old clothes – Thumb rule: If you haven’t worn it in the past year, let it go.
  • Unused hangers – Don’t hang on to them. Come on.
  • Damaged clothes – Mend them only if they’re far too important. Otherwise, toss them out.


In your kitchen

  • Duplicate cooking utensils – 2 egg beaters and 2 cheese-graters? What are you, the art director for Masterchef?
  • Extra and unused mugs – Keep one for each person in the house. Discard the rest.
  • Old spices – You’re not BFFs with Nigella. You can do without those 5-year-old spices.
  • Magnets – Yes, some have sentimental value. But the others are mostly freebies and stuff you got in a pack of six, 5 years ago. You can definitely do without them in your life.
  • Old shopping bags – We all store them “just in case” and end up with the Madam Tussaud’s Plastic Museum. You don’t need all of them. Keep about 5-10 and discard the rest.
    Pro tip: Carry a reusable cloth bag to the supermarket the next time.


Get on with it now. De-clutter away!


Source: Theheartysoul ; Ncbi

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