This Is How You Lose Her When She Wanted To Be Yours

No matter how much a human being wants to be in a romantic relationship with someone else, if the other person treats them—and the relationship—like it’s optional or part-time, then any individual who respects themselves would act to end things right away. If someone lies to you, won’t commit their time or energy to you, or treats the relationship like it’s something that just needs to be maintained, then they’ll never really be yours no matter how much you want them to be.

Moreover, anyone who is hypocritical with their desires and emotions will never make for a lasting, loving partner. For instance, it’s immoral to continue to love someone if they ask you to leave and then become furious when you actually do what they ask (and what you should want to do at that point, anyway). If someone begins to let you in—or makes it seem like they’re starting to let you in—and then immediately pushes you further away, then they’ll never be the person you need them to be, and they’ll never be yours. No matter how much you love someone, and no matter how much they tell you they love you, if their actions belie their words then the only respectful thing to do is to lose them.

When you know someone truly doesn’t deserve someone like you as a partner, then, in truth, they’ve already lost you. Please read the following list for more signs that someone’s lost you, and for more signs that you should lose someone (even though you might love them).

#1: They’re non-receptive to your touch.

Genuine love and physical touch go hand-in-hand. If you casually touch your partner—or a potential partner—and they don’t react, this is a strong sign they don’t truly love you. If someone tenses up or physically pulls back, it’s even more likely they’ll never be the one for you. Negative facial reactions and expressions are also clear tells.

#2: They’re non-receptive to gazes and smiles.

If you catch yourself smiling and gazing lovingly into another person’s eyes—and then you catch them glancing down or away—then they’re definitely not comfortable enough with the idea of loving you to love you properly in return. If you make an intimate or a suggestive gesture and it isn’t warmly received or returned, this is another give away that mutual love will never exist.

#3: They keep wide boundaries of personal space.

It should go without saying that if someone does not desire to be close to you than they will never really love you, but even if they put-up a bubble like this every once in a while it is still a very telling sign of faux love. Penetrating the normal boundaries of personal space should enhance passion and affection; if it does the opposite, move away yourself, in turn—and move on.

#4: They fear to commit.

Fearing to commit to a monogamous relationship means that the person doesn’t truly or properly value your love (or you as a person). Again, when thoughts, words, or actions related to commitment are present, it should generate greater desire and passion rather than less.

#5: They don’t convey genuine appreciation.

No matter what someone says, writes, or does to convey their appreciation to you, if it doesn’t feel true in your heart and soul, then it isn’t meaningful—and it isn’t real love. If you don’t perceive love, no matter how much you want to love someone and be loved by someone, you must lose them for the good of both of you, in both the long and short terms.




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