This is the ‘Center of the universe’ because of one unexplainable phenomenon

This is the ‘Center of the universe’ because of ONE unexplainable phenomenon

By now we have probably understood that our planet is full of mysterious and amazing things.

By using science, we try and explain as best as we can things that challenge our understanding of things around us.

Thousands of years ago, before critical thinking and science, took over society we used the divine and tried to explain things that we simply couldn’t understand.

The center of the universe… on Earth

The ancient Greeks marked the center of the world by placing an omphalos in the form of a sacred stone. The most famous one was located in the oracle of Delphi, indicating that from that point on, the rest of the world had been created.

Of course, other people also had their center of the world. There were those in Miletus, Sicily, Poland, Italy to name but a few.

In ancient Greece, it is known that there were at least nine or ten.

The US also has its own center of the universe, and it is located in Tulsa. Despite the fact that ‘this center of the universe’ neither has the charm nor the mystery of the ancient centers of the universe and is rather an anodyne site, it does have a peculiar characteristic, an acoustic anomaly that surprises anyone who visits it.

According to legend, a foghorn could go off in the center of the circle an, those on the outside wouldn’t hear it.

This may be an exaggeration, but a person’s voice does sound extremely distorted when heard from outside the circle.

It’s an incredible yet mysterious effect that has still not been explained.

Located at number 20 Archer Street at the junction with Boston Avenue, the ‘center of the universe’ isn’t a special place, in fact, it’s a simple circle of about 75 centimeters in diameter surrounded by another 13 rows of tiles.

It was created in the 80’s when the area was rebuilt after a fire.

When a person stands in the center of the circle, looking in any direction, making a noise, he will hear his own echo reproduced several times louder than initially spoken, while those outside the circle will not hear it.

Instead, they perceive the voice or the noise but very distorted.

The same happens if someone outside the circle speaks to another person in front of him and also outside, causing the sound to pass over the center.

No one knows that causes the effect, but there are a couple of theories.

This curious effect seems to be produced by the circular walls surrounding the ‘center of the universe’, although it has never been proven, so there are multiple theories about it.

One theory suggests that the strange phenomenon occurs due to a metal expansion joint that crosses the circle since it is located on a viaduct, which would accidentally produce this curious acoustic anomaly.

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