This Is The Kind Of Love You Deserve & Nothing Less

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You deserve love that makes you so weak in the knees that you can’t remember what it’s like to stand.  You deserve someone who puts down their computer and their Instagram and asks you, squarely in the eye, if you’d like to dance.  And there isn’t any music because there doesn’t need to be.

When you get up in the morning, realize that the smell coming from the kitchen is your favorite pancake breakfast, and come down to see a smile that beams from ear to ear–that’s the kind of love that you should be in your life.  Someone who knows that extra chocolate and whip cream are what you love on your sundaes.  Someone who doesn’t care if you look a mess after working all day and lets you slobber wet tears all over their shirt when you get upset at what your boss said.

Even after the glory of the days of first anxious kisses and sweaty palms in the movie theatre, you deserve someone who will still look at you like you’re a movie star and wants to show you off to everyone they meet.  Someone who honestly couldn’t care if you have 100 t-shirts with cats on them or an insatiable desire to collect chickens–they still want to hang out with you in your apartment all day, listening to records and chatting away during the world’s scariest thunderstorm.

You deserve to have someone who won’t put their own fears or insecurities first–someone who knows what your headache looks like before it starts and already has aspirin and Netflix ready.  Someone who doesn’t just want to be around you today, but everyday, no matter how much your temper tantrums suck.  Someone who cares so deeply about your well being that they will sit with you until the sunrises if that’s what it takes to help you realize how awesome you are.

You deserve to be loved like there aren’t enough confetti bombs or fireworks in the world to compare how that person makes you feel.  Someone who can look at you, the real deep-down you, and not flinch.  Someone who will let you look at them the same way.  You deserve to have the best friend, and the fellow-adventurer–whether it’s to the corner store or to India.

Most of all, you deserve the kind of love that allows you to be you.



From the most broken of days to the most thrilling to all the in-between.  Because this kind of love is the love that isn’t just fairy tales–no, it’s real and it’s possible, and it’s what we all have deserved from the moment we opened our eyes on this Earth.

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