This is the Spiritual Symbolism Behind the Number 222

Have you been seeing the number 222 showing up all over in your life? Whether its in home addresses, license plate numbers or phone numbers – you can’t help, but notice 222 everywhere around you. Numerologists believe there is a significance to the number 222, and this is a spiritual message for you.

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What is Numerology?  

Numerology is the belief that there is a divine relationship between a number and specific events or messages. This includes not only the number itself, but also the numerical value of the letters in words, ideas and names.

Numerologists believe that if they take the time to break down the various patterns of the world around us into numbers, we will in turn be able to uncover new information about each individual, as well as the world as a whole. This would be accomplished through a better understanding of what they refer to as the ‘universal language of numbers.’

While some numerologists focus on the science/mathematical side of the study, where as others focus on the spiritual side. Spiritual numerologists look for divine messages from your guardian angels, stating that when a number repeatedly shows up in this manner they are using it as a form of communication.

The Meaning of the Number 222

The number 222 represents a call to action in your life. Whether it is a change some aspect of the current life path that you are on, or to simply continue on with your current journey, this number is acting as a guide to help clarify the direction that you should be taking.

There may be a lot going on in your life now, and the message this number is bringing is that it is time for you to slow down, take a pause, and collect your thoughts. The number relates to encouragement, faith and trust. It is a positive message – directing you to pursue the best path available to you in life at this time. It is working to direct you towards your life’s purpose.

As a message relating to being on the correct path at this time, it could be saying any one of the following:

  • Whatever you are currently doing, it is the correct thing
  • You may be onto something great
  • You need to continue on your current thought process
  • You are heading towards the right path
  • You are heading the right way BUT need to take it much further
  • Your intention and energy is currently aligned with your higher self

Why Now?

You may have been on your current path for a significant time, with no significant changes, so why is the number just showing itself to you now? For a variety of reasons, you may not have been as open to the message previously.

You may have struggled before with your ego, and have now broken away from that, able to focus on your true calling. It also may have been that you were previously wrapped up in the materialistic world that we live in, focusing on the physical and material instead of the emotional and spiritual side of life. To accept and embrace the message, you need to be in tune with your true, spiritual self.

What’s Next?

The fact that you have seen and acknowledged the number around you is a great first step. This shows that you are open to the message – Congratulations! The message that comes with the number 222 calls on you to do some self reflection. You need to sit down and spend some quality introspective time, listening to your soul and allowing it to guide your next steps.

If you truly feel deep down that you are on the right path right now, ask yourself if you need to try harder, push further or increase your dedication. Do you need to make changes to your current routine to move forward? Are there small alterations you should be applying to your current plan.

Close your eyes, and listen within. Trust what you hear!

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