This Is What the Shape of Your Breasts Reveals about Your Personality

In 18th-century Spain, it was thought that by scrutinizing someone’s breasts you could discern their true character and even predict aspects of their future. This was known as “sternomancy,” which comes from the Greek word for chest, and it was also practiced in Thailand and Japan. For a proper examination, a woman had to sit behind a screen that highlighted her breasts, and a sternomancy master referenced charts and diagrams to make final determinations. Interestingly, there may be a scientific basis for this after all: particular genes carry DNA for both breast shape and brain function, and DNA heavily influences characteristics.

Common breast types and what they indicate.



#1: Large green apples.

These breasts normally reveal individuals who are stubborn, independent, determined, calculating, spiritual, and passionate.


#2: Lemons.

People with these types of breasts often go against the grain of societal norms, and they tend to prefer spending time alone listening to music or reading as opposed to socializing.


#3: Apricots

These kinds of breasts usually indicate optimism, creativity, popularity, shyness, and humor.


#4: Papayas.

People with these sorts of breasts are often ambitious, independent, successful, controlled, and strong leaders.


#5: Volcanoes.

As you might expect, these breasts normally belong to people who are fiery, powerful, creative, interesting, impulsive, and unpredictable.


#6: Small red apples.

These types of breasts indicate someone who is adventurous, outgoing, free-spirited, progressive, charming, and graceful.


#7: Lotus flowers.

These breasts normally represent a person of high society who commands attention and sets trends, and who also is also apt at the art of seduction.


#8: Pears.

Individuals with these kinds of breasts usually reveal someone who is sensual, fierce, independent, optimistic, and inspiring.


#9: Tea sachets.

These breasts frequently indicate a person who is mysterious, secretive, sensitive, ambitious, and yet trusted.


#10: Cherries.

People with these sorts of breasts are often passionate, courageous, entertaining, and responsible.


#11: Melons.

These breasts indicate a person who is wise, empathetic, helpful, diplomatic, and extremely generous.


#12: Nectarines.

Individuals with these types of breasts are usually helpful, giving, nurturing, peaceful, loving, wise, and selfless.

#13: Grapefruits.


These breasts frequently reveal someone who is creative, ambitious, focused, confident, independent, and successful.


#14: Oranges.

People with these breasts are normally diligent, driven, loving, charitable, intelligent, and precise.


#15: Pineapples.

These breasts usually reveal a person who is positive, outgoing, hospitable, charming, inspiring, and popular.


#16: Plums.

People with these breasts or oftentimes energetic, enthusiastic, friendly, popular, adventurous, and risk-taking.


#17: Mangos.

Individuals with these kinds of breasts are usually highly dependable, genuine, mysterious, and yet secretive.




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