This Is Why Strong Girls Get Attached So Easily

Part of the reason why strong women sometimes get attached quickly is because they are so adept at sensing strength, and at embracing strength. However, too often the strength that is being conveyed is short-lived or impure in nature. Additionally, virtually all strong women are also somewhat damaged, which is part of the reason why they’ve become so strong.

Being strong means taking smart risks, knowing full well that sometimes the risks won’t payoff. Yet, strong women know that hope is a good thing, perhaps the best of things. Hope leads to positive beliefs, and these are essential for any human being to experience genuine happiness, peacefulness, and success.

Being strong means recognizing, acknowledging, and accepting true potential, while simultaneously being aware of the truths and the facts of the circumstances and people around you. In order to find a strong, loving partner, strong women need to commit themselves 100% whenever they sense a worthy human being might be near.

Again, doing so will end in damage and hurt many times, but this will provide further strength and insight for the future, nonetheless. It usually doesn’t take long to realize that the future won’t be positive if the present is negative—or if your partner is negative, overall. Even though it’s painful, stepping forward and finding this out sooner rather than later is unquestionably more positive and productive in the long run.

Please read the following list to gain an even better understanding of why strong women tend to get attached quickly—and so you’ll have a better chance of staying in a relationship with a strong woman if you’re ever fortunate enough to have the chance.

#1: They innately desire strong and pure love.

Strong women know that it’s unwise to tolerate partners who create drama and problems needlessly, but they also realize that it’s impossible to know exactly how someone will act in the future after just meeting them in the present. However, strong and genuine love is hard to come by, so if strong women sense something—or someone—that might be true love, finding out for sure is a risk that must be taken.

#2: They love powerfully—or not at all.

Strong women usually don’t start dating someone with plans to love lightly at first and then ramp the emotions up if it seems safe to do so at some point in the future. It’s just not how they’re wired. If a strong woman thinks she can be 100% happy in the present, she thinks, talks, and acts in ways that guarantee she’ll find out the truth sooner as opposed to later. Life’s too short to sit, wait, and wish (weakly).

#3: They sense love through physical attraction.

This doesn’t mean that strong women are shallow. Rather, it means that strong women are wired to sense the potential for genuine love. In fact, strong women tend to find many different kinds of human beings attractive who have very different physical appearances; for strong women, physical attraction is based on the degree of powerful love they sense in each person.

#4: They hope powerfully—or not at all.

As alluded to, if a strong woman has any hope at all, she does whatever she can to find out if her hope is warranted as soon as possible. Yet, if they find out that strong love isn’t present once they’ve searched for it through and through, then this hope will evaporate almost instantaneously.

#5: They need genuine intimacy to experience true love.

In many ways, intimacy is like trust: both things are earned as opposed to being given, and both things must be given in order to be received. Moreover, in order to find out if intimate love is possible, intimacy must first be offered—and risked. This is why so many strong women get attached quickly, and why so many strong women find the kind of love they desire eventually.




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