This Is Your Secret Power in Bed, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Sometimes it’s uncanny how much a human being’s zodiac sign can reveal about them, so perhaps it should come as no surprise that your cosmological sign could be a great indicator of what you’re like—and of what you like—when the lights go off (or stay on!). Read the info and insights below to see how well your preferences line up with your Universal characteristics.


People of this sign tend to be excellent kissers and powerful lovers. They are great at getting caught up in romantic moments, and at living up to romantic moments. Even though Aries don’t often go in for foreplay, they’re still passionate enough to be known as the second-best zodiac sign between the sheets.


Human beings of this sign are the most sensuous by nature, and this is why Taurus is known as the third-best sign when it comes to sex. More specifically, a Taurus is adept at setting the perfect tone for romance and love, and they’re always in the mood. This often results in their partner being in the mood far more frequently than they would be with anyone else.


A Gemini will almost never be boring when it comes to making love, but it might be difficult to keep up with their changes of style and pace. Role playing and even dressing up could become a solid part of the mix, and you may not get as much sleep as you did before entering a relationship with a Gemini. However, you’ll have no regrets.


Individuals of this sign are more emotional than most people, so it might take a little longer than usual for them to open up intimately (physically and otherwise). Yet, this can result in an enjoyable build-up of feelings, and when the time is right it is worth the wait every time. Of course, the long-waiting ends soon after the initial build-up has been released.


Leos tend to enjoy drama and spontaneity, so role playing, lingerie, candles, and romance are often essential. Loving a Leo may take up a little more of your time, but you’ll burn far more calories and be much more satisfied overall.


Virgos are normally nurturing and caring, and this usually extends into the bedroom and between the sheets as well. However, this often results in a Virgo saying and doing whatever is necessary to satisfy all of their partner’s needs, and if a Virgo is satisfied just as much in return, then they’ll find ways to satisfy their partners even more.


People of this sign are very oral lovers, and the tend to be more giving than most other signs as well. Libras are into full-body massages and whole-body intimacy, so keep this in mind before you turn off the lights. Yet, it’s probably in your best interest to just go with it: Libras are known to be the best sign of them all when it comes to coitus.


Some would argue that Scorpio is the sexiest of the zodiac signs, but Scorpios are so unique that it’s difficult to rank them with an accurate average in mind. Scorpios are keen at adapting to what their partners desire, but a partner must be willing to articulate these desires or take initiative in order to maximize pleasure.


Human beings of this sign are said to be adventurous and spontaneous, which means they’re into quickies (and can get as much out of them as marathons, most times). Sags need to keep mixing things up to be satisfied, and they need their partners to mix things up out of their own desire to do so.


Capricorns aren’t known to be aggressive in bed, but this is really more of a personal preference than it is a general cosmological truth. What’s more, it is said that once a Capricorn truly accepts their partner then both partners will release anything holding them back from full satisfaction.


People of this sign are certainly not for just anyone. Aquarius individuals are strangely unique, which means that human beings could either love them or hate them. Yet, if you’re into an Aquarius, you can count on them continuing to impress you—especially in bed—over the long run.


Individuals of this sign tend to be sweet, sensitive, and empathetic, and these are excellent skills that can be used to determine precisely what will satisfy their partner. As long as you’re a genuine and positive human being, a Pisces will be happy to experience all the pleasure you wish for right alongside you.








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