This Mind-Boggling Illusion Will Hurt Your Brain

I’ve seen a fair share of incredible illusions while surfing the internet, but for a long time have I not seen a mind-boggling illusion like this one.

A Mathematician has created a refreshing optical illusion that will surely hurt your brain.

Professor Kokichi Sugihara is a Mathematician and doctor of engineering at Meiji University in Tokyo, and his ‘arrow’ illusion has left the internet baffled.


He essentially created an arrow that seems to always point to the right.

No matter how you rotate the arrow, it always turns right. Right?

The trick of the eye is one of the many illusions carefully crafted by professor Sugihara.

The arrow which was rigidly mounted on a  wooden stand was built with great care to feature this brain-hurting event.

However, this duplicity (always right) can only be seen when observing the ‘arrow’ from above.

Professor Sugihara is famous for crafting mind-bending optical illusions that appear to question the very foundations of physics.

Right Pointing Arrow: spin this arrow 180 degrees and it still points to the right- only in a mirror will it point left (and only to the left). Another incredible ambiguous object illusion by mathematician Kokichi Sugihara of Meiji University in Japan, the inventor of this illusion and art form. A clever combination of reflection, perspective, and viewing angle produce this striking illusion. ➡️ Follow the link in my profile for info about where to get this illusion arrow and other amazing items featured here on @physicsfun #illusion #ambiguouscylinderillusion #ambiguouscylinder #geometry #mirrorreflection #physics #ambiguousobject #kokichisugihara #physicstoy #math #mathtoy #mathstoy #optics #opticalillusion #3dprinting #perspective #science #scienceisawesome

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But with careful observations and a bit of time, the secrets are unfolded.

Professor Sugihara took the internet by storm after it was posted on the Instagram page Physicsfun, where it had been viewed nearly 400,000 times at the time of publication.

The post was accompanied by a brief description where the author explains:

“Spin this arrow 180 degrees and it still points to the right – only in a mirror will it point left, and only to the left. A clever combination of reflection, perspective, and viewing angle produce this striking illusion.”

The post on Phyiscsfun’s Instagram page reveals the secret of the illusion. The arrow is shown tilted up which allows the viewer to appreciate its true shape: an oblong with two pointed ends, featuring a number of upward and downward gradients.

And precisely this awkward symmetrical layout is what plays around with your mind. These features are also characteristic of Professor Sugihara’s work.

When you observe the ‘arrow’ from above, the object seems perfectly symmetrical. However, from a different perspective, like the first video of the arrow, the undulations visible from above make the arrow appear as if it was always pointing in the same direction: right.

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