This Powerful Story Will Show You How To Face All Your ‘Monsters’

Let’s admit it; the modern world can be a really scary place. While our advanced technologies help make life easier, we have actually found ourselves dealing with problems society has never dealt with before.

The modern day world is scary for a number of reasons. Of course, life is beautiful and a positive thing. The world is an amazing place and full of good people, adventure, and happiness. However, that doesn’t mean the opposite doesn’t exist – they do, and it is easier to run into them than you think. This powerful story will teach you a very important lesson. It will teach you how to deal with your monsters, terrors, or fears.

One day, Krishna and Balarama walked in a forest. It got dark and they got tired, so they decided to take a rest. Because the forest was dangerous at night they decided to make shifts. Krishna suggested Balarama should keep watch until midnight, while he sleeps, and he’ll keep watch from midnight until morning. They both agreed and Krishna went to sleep.


Balarama kept watching for a while. After a few hours, he heard a growling sound from the distance. Suddenly a monster appeared and Balarama was petrified.
The more fear Balarama displayed the bigger the monster got and the louder it growled.
The fear Balarama experienced was so high and intense that it made him faint.
Krishna woke up and saw Balarama lying on the ground. He thought he fell asleep.
Krishna saw the huge monster as it growled loudly at him.
When he saw the monster he smiled and calmly asked: “Hello there. What do you want?”

The monster kept growling as loud as it can. But Krishna tried to understand what it wanted and repeated the question.

Every time Krishna asked a question the monster shrank in size. Soon the monster was really small. It looked kind of cute even.

Krishna, not knowing what it wanted, picked up the little monster and put it in his pocket.

The next morning, Balarama woke up and shouted in joy seeing that he and his brother were alright.

He started explaining his frightening experience to Krishna: “Last night, when you fell asleep, I heard a terrible growling sound in the woods. As I looked around a scary, gigantic monster appeared. I was so afraid I fainted.” Krishna took the monster out of his pocket and asked: “This little guy?” Balarama was really shocked as he saw it was the same monster, but it was not the same size. In fact, it was not even scary anymore. He explained that the monster grew in size every time he showed fear.

Krishna, hearing this, concluded:

“Every time we are afraid and try to avoid what we fear, that same fear grows in size.

Every time we face our fears and question why they appeared, they become smaller and smaller.

When you avoid what you must face in life, it becomes bigger than you… and it takes control over you.”

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