The Sick Reason You Should NEVER Buy Food from Jimmy John’s Again! You Can’t Unsee This.

It’s rather shocking that a company like Jimmy John’s can continue to remain in business despite its despicable reputation, but—sadly—the simple reason is because consumers continue do business with Jimmy John’s despite the moral sacrifices which must be made in order to do so. However, by spreading even further awareness of the company’s sins we can all only hope that the sacrifice will be unbearable sometime soon in the future—and that Jimmy John’s will finally go bankrupt and pay a price which they should have long ago. The company is famous for forcing employees to “work sick or be fired,” for paying the lowest wages possible, and for locally blackballing employees who quit or get fired.

Yet, completely aside from all those things, the owner of Jimmy John’s—Jimmy John Liautaud—is so devilish that he kills endangered species in Africa. Just for the “sport” of it.




Each hunt in South Africa, Namibia, or Botswana costs Liautaud over $250,000—and usually costs the life of at least one animal on the endangered species list (such as the black rhino). It’s truly shocking that any individual could enjoy even thinking about such things (much less actually doing them), but Liautaud always smiles happily and proudly after paying $350,000 for a rare, illegal skull and horn-trophy. Appallingly, poachers kill upwards of 94 elephants each and every day—and there’s a real chance they could go extinct within ten years.



What’s worse, Liautaud is involved with luring these endangered animals right out of national parks so that he can attempt to murder them on private property (which is “less illegal,” apparently). What’s more cruel, now some individuals will raise endangered animals from birth, until they are old enough and mature enough to make a suitable trophy—then they’re easily butchered since their natural survival and defense instincts have been dormant their whole lives. It’s tragic that when people like Liautaud claim that trophy hunts benefit local communities and wildlife no one is able to convey to them that true conservationists devote their time and energy to preserving wildlife—for nothing tangible or monetary in return whatsoever. However, it’s also tragic that no matter how much wisdom or noble advice is spoken to people like Liautaud, there’s still little to no chance that it will be genuinely heard and contemplated.



In South Africa, trophy hunting funds less than 2% of conservation efforts, and tourism funds over fifteen-times as much. What’s more, 90% of the time even the meat from trophy hunts benefits no one; instead of utilizing it to feed villages, hunters leave it where they kill it and just take the horns or skulls. Furthermore, trophy hunting has led to a significant decrease in the number of predators overall, so now the prey of these predators have started to experience population booms which could have numerous unknown or devastating effects all the way down the food chain as a whole.

So—again—please spread the awareness as far and as loud as you can, and checkout this article if you’d like more facts, info, and insights to keep ready in your holster.

Source: The Earth Child.





*This content was inspired by an amazing article that can be found here.

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