This Video Will Show You What A Freshly Removed Brain Really Looks Like

Our brain is one of the most fascinating organs and yet one of the least understood parts of our body. While we do have a fair idea about its functions we know close to nothing about its inner workings and how it looks from inside our skull.

Not for long though, as this video puts all our assumptions to rest and tells us exactly what a brain looks like and what is the used of which part.

In the video, neuroanatomist Suzanne Strensaas clears our presumption about the brain having the density of a rubber ball. In reality, the brain is much softer and far more vulnerable than one would imagine.

In this graphic, yet fascinating video, Strensaas explains, with much care and precision, the inner workings of the human brain truly look like. Watch this to understand what really goes on in the vast world of that tiny super-organ.

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