Top 10 Psychology Hacks You Can Use To Control Situations

Psychologists spend countless hours learning to understand the inner working of the human brain, and the way in which it reacts to the environment, and others we encounter. It only serves to makes sense that these same responses, if understood, can be used to influence our thoughts and reactions.

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Whether you are looking for a trick to improve your own test scores, or looking to employ psychological tricks to improve your chances of success in the boardroom, this video contains 10 great examples of ways in which you can use psychological principles to take control of various situations in your life.

10 Psychological Tricks to Control Situations (as shared in the video):

  1. Throw them off their game

Whether you are playing a sport, or taking part in another type of game, if your opponent is doing amazingly there is a simple way to throw them off their game! Simply ask at them about their technique – how they are doing as well as they are doing. It will break their concentration, and pull them out of the ‘zone.’

  1. Don’t over-negotiate

State your position and then stop talking! Unnecessary words make your position seem weaker, giving the impression that you don’t even understand the information you are attempting to convey. Over explaining can also make you appear less confident.

  1. Eye Contact

Dale Carnegie, author of How to Win Friends and Influence People offered this solution in regards to just how much eye contact is the ‘right’ amount: Look into someone’s eyes long enough to tell what color they are before you look away.

  1. Remember names

People feel valued when you remember their name, and those that feel valued are more likely to want to help you. If you forget their name, you are telling them that they are just ‘one of many’.

  1. Chew gum for tests

Scientists have found that the chewing motion improves blood flow to the head, improving memory. So, chew gum right before your tests to improve your scores!

  1. Foot in the door

This concept hinges on the belief that people are more likely to agree to something big if you can first get them to agree to something small. Land a small yes, and it will increase your chance of getting a big yes.

  1. Asking questions

The best way to naturally start, and maintain, conversations is to ask questions. The easiest, and highly favored topic for most people is themselves, and questions allow them to steer the conversation in that direction.

  1. First dates

While movie theaters and coffee shops make up a good majority of first dates, scientists have now found evidence that you would be better off bringing your first date on a roller coaster. People unconsciously mistake what actually makes them excited in the moment.

  1. Smiling

Smiling is a power psychological tool. While people know that they smile when they are happy, scientists state that the action of smiling can make you feel happy.

  1. “Because”

The word because has a unique effect on the human mind, and should be considered the next time that you need to influence someone to do something for you.

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