Toy Videos Are Manipulating Children: Pedophile YouTube With Over 12 Billion Views

The Internet is proof of peak human innovation, and there’s a lot we can gain from it. While a lot of good has come out of the Internet, it has also been home to relentless perversion and the perverted individuals who are thriving on it.

As of today, the internet is abundant with sex offenders and pedophiles, and there’s not much being done to put these deviants in check. Internet security, despite all its claims of being ironclad, is at an all-time low, and perverts are taking full advantage of it.

The internet is rife with the worst kind of pervert fodder, and a recent disturbing trend has seen an upsurge in websites that masquerade as safe for children but covertly promote child pornography.

In a recent case from Maryland, parents Mike and Heather Martin ran a YouTube channel that depicts the abuse of their children in the form of supposed ‘pranks’ that were played on the kids. The children never consented to be party to the pranks and were exposed this sickness regularly. Thankfully, the children have been handed to child protective services and the parents have been sentenced to five years of supervised probation.

The YouTube channel was pedophile haven and was discovered by Vigilant Citizen as one mostly meant for sick pedophile fetishes. There are several other like these, and at first glance one may not recognize the intrinsic perversion and kids would definitely not pick up on it either. But these are, in fact, disguised as safe for children but feed into absurd child predator fetishes. The kids who participate in these videos have no idea that their target audience is a faction that subscribes to pedophilia.

This following images, for instance, may look normal at first glance. But spend a few seconds more on them and they will reveal the innate depravity of the people who create and enjoy this kind of stuff.

Source: Youtube


Source: Youtube

Source: Youtube

Another example of video content designed for pedophiles is the YouTube channel — Seven Super Girls. While it looks like an innocent channel where little girls perform various tasks and share aspects of their lives, the channel’s close to 12 billion views proves that it is essentially a buffet table for pedophiles.

Each girl is under 18 and has her own sub-channel, and the videos are specifically designed to latently appeal to people with pedophilic tendencies. The worst part is the kid has no idea about who or what kind of audience is actually enjoying their antics. For instance, in one video a child is shown licking a pie with cream on it, and another has a girl duct taped to her bed — representing pedophile bondage fantasy.




The internet is rife with dangerous sexual predators and no responsible parent or adult exposes their children to the disgusting world of the pedophilic community. Having said that, YouTube is full of channels like these and it doesn’t seem like they’re going anywhere anytime soon.

The next time your child is on the internet make sure you keep a close eye. And take your internet security up a notch.



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