Tragic Biowarfare Program Against Americans Led by Vaccine Corporation Founder

The president of a vaccine manufacturing corporation also led the United States’ biological warfare program. Watch the video below to learn more:

Merck and Co have produced several vaccines including HPV (Gardasil) and the MMR vaccine. Merck and Co’s president, George W. Merck, was responsible for the War Research Service, the biological warfare division of the Federal Security Agency in the US military during World War II.

He secretly started the biological warfare agency at the same time as he was the president of Merck and Co. Back then, his unsuspecting clients were unaware of his involvement in the covert biowarfare program. People knew him as the health hero from the cover of Time Magazine.

Fort Detrick in Maryland was in command of Merck’s War Research Services. Other prestigious colleges that supported eugenics leading up to World War II, such as Harvard and Stanford, were also involved.

Fort Detrick was a science center, and in many cases, they disregarded the health and safety of people. They produced biological warfare tests on Americans and planned the spray in San Francisco, which scattered infertility causing bacteria called Serratia marcescens across the city.

What’s more, Fort Detrick hired the Nazi scientist Kurt Blomean as their biowarfare advisor, and they practiced their medicine on people who suffered from Black Death or Bubonic Plague.

In 1953, George withdrew from Merck and Co, just years after his withdrawal from biowarfare. After his retirement, Merck made the Eli Lilly’s polio vaccine. This vaccine was infected with the virus SV40, a known cancer inducer.

The HPV vaccine Gardasil has already harmed and killed thousands of people. This surfacing of Merck’s murky past will help people understand more about mandatory vaccines and the harm they cause to people.

According to Sacramento Bee, Anne Marie Schubert from California District Attorney realized the damage that HPV vaccines cause people after her son was affected by it. Schubert went to the doctor’s office at Kaiser Permanente in Elk Grove, and they told her that her son was due for his HPV vaccine. Human papillomavirus vaccines are given to boys and girls at age 11 or 12.

Sacramento Bee stated that on September 12, 2016, before Schubert went to work and dropped her kids off at school, she first visited the doctor’s office where her older son received the HPV vaccine. After that, her 12-year-old son was unconscious and unresponsive on the floor, and Schubert started screaming at nurses and other hospital attendants for help.

She said, “he was standing there. Then he passed out, tumbling backward without using his hands to break his fall. His head slammed full force onto the floor, which was like concrete. For a moment, I thought he was dead.”

Fortunately, her son did not die, but he suffered a severe skull fracture from the fall and weeks later they received the news that due to the fall, the boy will be deaf in his right ear.

“At that time, my son never called me Mommy, but (when he came to) he was crying, ‘Mommy! Mommy! I want to go home.” Stated Schubert.


Merck’s vaccines have harmed countless people. Moreover, people cannot continue to ignore this pressing problem. People must know the history of Merck and Co and the history behind their dangerous vaccines and their future agenda. We encourage you to open discussion about this issue and share your concerns with friends and family.


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