Trees In The Sky! These Vertical Forest Can Produce 60 Kg Of Oxygen A Day

As our climate and environment continue to drastically change due to pollution, the search for renewable energy is at an all-time high. Of all nations, China is currently investing more money than any other in order to fight the dreadful smog crisis they are facing. It was estimated that the air pollution caused a drastic 1.4 million deaths in 2016.

Stefano Boeri, an Italian architect famous for his vertical forests, is designing the Nanjing Green Towers in China. Set to open in 2018, these buildings will help combat the air pollution and improve air quality. They are not only easy on the eyes, but the towers will help produce approximately 60 Kg of clean oxygen each day, and absorb over 25 tons of the poisonous Carbon Dioxide in the air every year.

These impressive forests are not only a tremendous stride in the fight against the horrendous environmental crisis, but can actually isolate noise and reduce heat flow between buildings and the outside environment. This is an amazing sign for things to come in China. The buildings allow for vertical expansion, while still incorporating nature back into the cities. With any success, hopefully, the rest of the world will follow in China’s footsteps.

To learn more about this colossal stride in cleaning the world and allowing us to live more eco-friendly, check out this TedTalk, explaining these Vertical Forests a little more in depth:

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