Two Brothers Have Saved 2,000+ Felines From Trees Because They ‘Just Love Cats’

Cats love climbing trees — it’s just what they do. Unfortunately, some courageous felines are less savvy at navigating their way toward the ground than others. When this occurs, they are effectively “stuck.”

When a cat is lonesome in a tree, it’s not a pretty sight. It yowls for help while its owner numbly stares at the tiny predator, dumbfounded how to help. Fortunately for both (at least in Seattle, Washington), two brothers have devoted their spare time to rescuing cats who were silly enough to get stuck in trees. To date, they’ve already saved over 2,000 kitties!

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Shaun Sears and Tom Otto live in Seattle and they both love cats. It’s because of this that they specialize in retrieving curious felines from trees — free of charge. GoodNewsNetwork reports that the men work as arborists during the day (so it’s safe to say they know their way around trees) and save felines in the evening.

While they accept donations for their services, they don’t save frisky kitties for the money. Rather, they do it because they just love cats! Say the brothers:

“As cat people ourselves, we know how horrible it feels when a cat is missing and then cries for help are heard high up in a tree. That is why [we] rescue cats—anytime, day or night, in all kinds of weather.”

If you’ve ever been to Washington state, you know that the trees grow immensely tall. On average, Sears and Otto have to retrieve felines from as high as 100 feet in the air — sometimes, as high as 150 feet. That’s no small feat.

“Some cats can climb down by themselves, but others definitely need help. Cats can climb up trees easily, but due to the shape of their claws, climbing down a tree is very difficult,” they added.

Because the kind gesture turned into a routine hobby, the brothers started the nonprofit Canopy Cat Rescue. It has been operating since 2009 and in that time, the brothers have saved over 2,000 cats. That’s impressive!

Watch the video below to learn more:

When people think about changing the world, most frequently they consider becoming a doctor to save lives or a volunteer with the Peace Corps. Though Sears and Otto are neither of these, they are still heroes in their own right. This is because they take time out of their days to help others. Most importantly, they expect nothing in return. 

If more people lived like this, the world would be a drastically different place. Our challenge to you is to pick up a hobby, or do a kind deed every day for someone else, to make the world a bit brighter, little by little, step by step.

Small actions can go far in the long-run. What are you waiting for?

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Source: GoodNewsNetwork

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