UFO Researcher Urges People to Look Beyond the Pentagon’s Recent $22M UFO Research Cover-up

An independent ufology researcher suggests that the government still isn’t telling us the whole truth about their UFO research, even with the recent Department of Defense admission that they “used to” have an unidentified flying object research program. He says that the recent Pentagon admissions give credence to what ufologists have been saying for decades, but is there even more information we should be looking for?

“Obviously, if the Pentagon has spent $22 million studying UFO’s long after they officially declared them not to be of interest, this means there must be more to the story,” said Jeremy Efroymson, an Indianapolis artist and philanthropist who is state director of the Indiana Mutual Unidentified Flying Object Network, or MUFON. “I think this does give more credibility to MUFON.”

MUFON categorizes and researches UFO sightings from around the world. Though you have to be a member to search their database, it contains thousands of pictures of unidentified craft. Though they are not the only ufology researchers in town, their database alone suggests that the US government never stopped looking for UFOs, and that they have likely reverse engineered at least some of the craft obtained from Roswell, New Mexico and other sites – while telling the public that a “high altitude air balloon crashed” in Area 51.

It’s been nearly 70 years since the public was told that nothing interesting was found at Roswell, and yet we’re supposed to believe that a $22 million budget even begins to come close to the amount of money that secret government programs have been spending to utilize technology found in UFOs?

If we’re just now being “leaked” video of craft that “defy” modern physics, what other technology is being hidden? Anti-gravity technology alone would mean endless free energy, which would utterly change life as we know it.

It would change the design of cities – the floating metropolis we’ve seen in movies would be an easy architectural feat to accomplish. Cars, and people could fly.

As far as free energy goes – well, let physicist Richard Feynman explain what this could mean. He said, “One teacup of empty space contains enough energy to boil all the world’s oceans.”

This means no one would ever be too cold, or too hot. There would never be a shortage of food, because we would have ample energy to create an endless supply, and to get it to anywhere on Earth it needs to go. There would be no need for homelessness or hunger.

The dozens of wars that have been waged over oil, would be a dark memory in our collective history.

Clean water, clean air, and abundant, free energy are just the beginning.

If the Pentagon can easily hide $125 billion in bureaucractic waste, what else are they hiding from the world? Surely a measly $22 million ufology program is only the tip of the iceberg.

If people simply shrug of this recent admittance without digging deeper, then we are missing an opportunity to release the world from thousands of years of hardship created by the withholding of zero-point and anti-gravitational energy.

We don’t need more evidence that the Pentagon has been hiding various technologies from us. What we need is a concerted effort to release these technologies to the world. We’ve had the secrets of anti-gravity that lay Einstein’s theories to rest, since at least 1938, as documented by William R. Lyne, and likely for thousands more years.

When will the Pentagon release this technology to the masses? These discoveries are needed on a grand scale to clean up our world and free us from the Hidden Hand once and for all.

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