Understanding Soul Contracts: Agreements We Made Before Coming To Earth

Reincarnation is something that may or may not happen, according to the particular person you’re speaking with.  Most Hindus will say yes, while most Catholics will say no.  Whatever any given opinion might be, there is something that has been tossed around by those who believe that there is a certain path we are determined to walk before we return to this Earth.

This path is based off of the question we are presented with before returning to the physical world:  What is it that you wish to learn this time around?

What that question prompts a soul to answer is what will determine the path, and this is also referred to as the “soul contract.” It will shape your experiences and your time spent while in the next life.  And the thing is, whatever your answer is, those experiences and time spent will actually seem almost “opposite” of your goal.

For instance, if you need to learn what it’s like to love yourself completely, you’ll be wracked with guilt and possibly self-doubt.  You’ll always fall into the trap of self pity or find yourself being “absorbed” by other humans because you didn’t have anyone to show you how to love yourself as a child.  These all seem to be pains and trials that would point towards something different, but it’s the law of opposites—what you need to go through will come out in a mirrored sort of way.

The point is that you’re aiming to fulfill that contract.  You’re aiming to learn the lesson that you didn’t learn all the times you came back before.  You may get stepped on your whole life, this time, and be betrayed at every turn, but that’s what you need in order to understand how to stand up for yourself.  You are looking to go through the fire in order to see what that sort of fire will bring out of your soul.

To come to a place where our soul can find peace, we will need to walk a path that might not all be sunshine and rainbows.  And perhaps it will be for some people, and that’s okay because their contracts are about something else.  What you are here for is to get down and dirty, and feel what it’s like to carry a heavy burden—just so it will be that much clearer what it’s like to put it down.  Pain doesn’t have to mean agony, and agony doesn’t have to mean defeat.  It’s all a matter of seeing it for what it truly is, and embracing it.

When we fail, when we suffer, we are getting the change to face the things we never faced last time.  We are getting the chance to peel back the curtain, and look at our true souls and hearts.  Growth is not easy and it’s not always nice.   By standing up, again and again, no matter how much you may get knocked down takes strength and effort.  This is teaching you how to be your own cheerleader, how to be compassionate, and empathetic.  It’s giving you the tools to make your life a beautiful one.  You’re setting your own foundations and building your own supports with each and every “brick” of knowledge you gain from your experiences.

You will be faced with these moments, and it will be up to you how you go about learning from them.  The universe offers nothing but love, even if it doesn’t feel like it.  By accepting that which you’ve been given, and doing the best you can, you are answering that big question from the beginning.

This is, essentially, what a soul contract is—a prompt for writing the script that will be your life.  It may sometimes seem like that acts aren’t coming together the way you like, or that the dialogue gets all messed up, but it is uniquely your play.  You get to determine who will be the other characters, and what sort of suspense or drama will occur.  The flow of the whole thing will follow your direction, and, in the end, when the curtain calls, you will be the only one there to take the credit.  And that’s okay because you’ve done your best, and if you believe in it, you’ll have a chance to come back and answer another question, and write a whole new play.

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