Unlocking Your Third Eye: What They Don’t Want You to Know About Your Inner Power

Many people are probably familiar with the term “third eye,” but far fewer people likely appreciate how flawless of a metaphor the third eye is for that intangible, innate, “sixth” human sense. In fact, the third eye has even been described as the biggest secret kept from humanity, largely kept secret by way of its elusive, etheric body. More specifically, the etheric body is superimposed over the physical body, but corresponding chakras exist on the physical body; the third eye is capable of seeing deeper into cosmic patterns and energy than the two normal human eyes are.

However, the third eye is also much more difficult to utilize than the two normal eyes. In order to harness the power of your third eye, you must be able to deeply comprehend it, channel its energy, and transform it into insight. If you’re able to do this, it is possible to become highly intuitive, spiritual, and possibly even psychic; indeed, you will truly see, hear, and feel things which you’ve never been able to previously experience. Yet, none of this is possible for any human being to experience if they are blocked: either by themselves, or by someone else (or by other people). If you’re blocking yourself, then you’re harbouring negativity, fear, anxiety, or even disbelief—or you’re suffering from the effects of karma (sometimes ancient), or from a lack of spirituality. Any of these things will prevent human beings from growing, developing, and evolving as they should, which will make fully utilizing a third eye impossible.

Yet, even if you’re clear of the aforementioned issues, it’s still possible for someone else—or for other people—to prevent your third eye from functioning properly; individuals who are cynical and disrespectful should be avoided at almost all costs. In order to experience the full cosmic power of your third eye, you must associate with other human beings who respect your beliefs even when they differ from their own, and who also place high value on harmonious relationships in general. What’s more, you can enhance your capabilities by consuming a healthy diet and by meditating daily; using some of your own time and energy to spark the life of your third eye is well-worth the efforts. In particular, focus extra thought and energy on your two physical eyes; oftentimes, if you are able to “un-see” through your two normal eyes, you will also be capable of seeing with your third eye.

For example, close your eyes, focus on your forehead, and “see” the space between the eyes; your focus will channel energy to this area. If you keep your eyes still, you should be able to unblock and activate in the imminent future.


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