US Government Finally Admits Cannabis Cures Cancer & Here’s 100 Links To Studies to Prove It

In case it doesn’t go without saying that the United States government has already admitted that cannabis can cure cancer—they have. Although some delusional government officials (such as U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions) continue to do all that they can to withhold cannabis from millions of citizens, it has been clear since at least 2015 (as per Mike Adams) that U.S. federal research indicates that cannabis has strong medicinal value, and that it even has the potential to kill cancer.

According to Nora D. Volkow (director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse, or NIDA), the federal government supports a recent study which makes these claims. Out of all the countless studies that could potentially be referenced, the story of a young girl named Hayley Willar may be the most worthy of being shared in detail. Hayley’s health plummeted after a Gardasil HPV vaccination, and she was eventually diagnosed with leukemia—until cannabis oil miraculously cured her (with the help of her mother, of course). As per Natural Blaze, in 2010 Hayley Willar received the HPV vaccine Gardasil, but her health immediately deteriorated over the coming weeks and years. In fact, she began to suffer from severe migraines, ovarian cysts, a weakened immune system, anxiety, and also other symptoms commonly associated with Gardasil.

What’s more, many individuals have suffered “sudden death” from Gardasil, or even distinct types of cancer (as in the case of Chace Topperwein). However, the more positive and inspiring story of Hayley’s cannabis oil cure can be scrutinized at the 2:25:58 mark of the following YouTube video.


For a more extensive overview of the countless studies which support the strong healing properties of cannabis, please peruse the links below at your leisure—and please, please, please spread awareness.

Cannabis killing tumor cells.

Uterine, testicular, and pancreatic cancer cures.

Brain cancer.

Mouth or throat cancer.

Breast cancer.

Lung cancer.

Prostate cancer.

Blood cancer.

Skin cancer.

Liver cancer.

More cannabis cures.

Head and neck cancers.

Cholangiocarcinoma cancer.


Cannabis induced cancer cell death.

Translocation-positive rhabdomyosarcoma.


Cannabis killing cancer cells.


Thyroid carcinoma.

Colon cancer.

Intestinal inflammation and cancer.

Cannabinoids in health and disease. 

Cannabis inhibits cancer cells.



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