USA’s Public Broadcasting System (PBS) Shilled Against Supplements on Behalf of Big Pharma

The Frontline TV News documentary report of 2016, “Supplements and Safety” drew the ire of several prominent natural health advocates, and even disgusted many PBS fans as witnessed in Frontline’s comment section of their report. This cast the Public Broadcasting System (PBS), which airs Frontline News as a shill for Big Pharma by falsely casting serious doubts in supplements.

Some years earlier, journalist Bill Moyer, a PBS regular, did a video report on how much our blood is polluted with chemical toxins. He used himself as the test subject with his blood analyzed by medical doctors. It stayed in the can and was not aired. Moyers said it was the worst experience of his journalistic career.

Might there have been some corporate influences in both cases, like some of the oil and pharmaceutical companies that “donate” to PBS?

PBS’s Recent Pathetically Erroneous One-Sided Attack on Supplements

I’ll simply provide a few quotes or summary excerpts from three sources that counter-attacked the idiotic PBS Frontline documentary titled “Supplements and Safety,” with links to each of those sources for your further perusal.

If you’re somewhat knowledgeable of supplement reality and need, you’ll find what Frontline presented laughable.

The documentary had longtime natural health foe and vaccine millionaire Dr. Paul Offit explaining that one 1000 milligram tablet of vitamin C is equivalent to eating “seven or eight entire cantaloupes,” and that this is bad because the body was not meant to eat so much.

Never mind that this says nothing about how many milligrams might be required for certain individuals to achieve optimal nutrition, nor that a growing body of scientific evidence suggests that food alone does not provide enough nutrients to the human body!

Considering also that 93% of Americans are nutrient deficient due to poor agricultural practices, depleted topsoil, and processed foods. how does Dr. Offit propose we correct nutrient imbalances?

Maybe it’s more vaccinations for babies, where he enjoys big bucks from royalties with his patent on RotaTeq, a rotavirus vaccine for infants. He openly suggested that any baby could tolerate 10,000 vaccinations at once. He later amended that number to 1,000. And this guy gets media attention?

Meanwhile, SIDS, (sudden infant death syndrome) has risen rapidly among infants receiving three to five or more vaccinations in one pediatric visit. Offit also claimed pregnant women should receive vaccinations because aluminum, which is a common toxic vaccine additive, helps the fetus develop. I guess that works for future robotics, birthing aluminum babies

As for vitamin D, other “experts” were lined up to argue that any dose higher than the antiquated, absurdly low 600 IU recommendation from the ponderously conservative Institute of Medicine (IOM) is not only “not beneficial,” it may even be harmful—a claim that is patently bogus. (Source)

Many health-conscious folks who don’t get enough sun exposure to bare skin rely on much larger doses of cholecalciferol based vitamin D3, which is much better and safer than pharmaceutical D2.

Just make sure you also supplement some K2 with the D3 to ensure it is properly emulsified and absorbed without accumulating in the bloodstream.

Alliance for Natural Health (ANH) further explains how Frontline’s designated vitamin D expert chemist Preston Mason, PhD, demonstrated fish oil inferiority compared to a pharmaceutical product called Vascepa. Mason is not an MD so he is not compelled to reveal his financial ties to that product, but his advocacy does make him some big bucks. (Source)

Dissenters Who Parsed PBS Passages

Dr. Andrew Saul, PhD, editor of Orthomolecular Medical News Service and Author of Fire Your Doctor, and Carolyn Dean, MD, ND, author of Death by Modern Medicine did not agree with any of the PBS presentation at all. Here’s Dr. Dean’s take on the PBS attack on supplements.

The themes, in bold, presented by the PBS documentary were the usual tripe that the Big Pharma medical monopoly promotes to intimidate and confuse the public. Andrew Saul’s responses to those themes are not in bold.

Frontline: Supplements are unregulated

“Not true. Supplements are indeed regulated. (Honestly, now: can you think of anything in this nation that the government doesn’t regulate?) Specifically, at the US Food and Drug Administration’s own website:” ‘ “FDA regulates both finished dietary supplement products and dietary ingredients.”‘

Frontline: Supplements are not tested for safety before marketing

“FDA states, again at its own website:” ‘ “Manufacturers and distributors of dietary supplements and dietary ingredients are prohibited from marketing products that are adulterated or misbranded. That means that these firms are responsible for evaluating the safety and labeling of their products before marketing. . . FDA is responsible for taking action against any adulterated or misbranded dietary supplement product after it reaches the market.” ‘

Frontline: FDA safety tests pharmaceuticals before they’re marketed

“Drug testing is done by the pharmaceutical companies, not the FDA. FDA reviews paperwork, not patients. FDA trusts the pharmaceutical industry to submit the truth. The number of civil lawsuit judgments and huge criminal fines levied against drug manufacturers for fraud tells the real story.”

“Try an internet search for “pharmaceutical companies fraud” and see for yourself. … Deaths from a pharmaceutical drug eventually result in FDA pulling that drug from the market after FDA already approved it, based on what the drug companies told them.”

Note: I have to add the fact that the pharmaceutical companies pay a little over $2 million to the FDA for the license to market their patented drugs for up to 20 years.

Frontline: Supplements are dangerous, even deadly

Truth is, there were zero deaths from any supplement in 2014, the most recent year for which national data has been analyzed. Compare that to the most conservative estimate of over 100,000 deaths annually from pharmaceuticals correctly prescribed in a 1998 JAMA (Journal of American Medical Association) study. (Quotes source) 

Unless you’re a Big Pharma fan or pharmaceutical junkie, I suggest you boycott pharmaceuticals and PBS. Dr. Joseph Mercola publicly announced he was no longer going to contribute donations to PBS after seeing their supplement danger report.

Some Background on Funding Issues Making PBS Not So Public

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), the entity created by Congress in 1967 to disperse funds to nonprofit broadcast outlets like PBS and NPR. PBS (TV) gets 75% while NPR (radio) gets 25%.

It would seem the pro-big business and big military right-wingers could always establish their own public service outlet and collect public funding as well.

Except as part of Reaganomics, they were more concerned about restricting exposure of corporate malfeasance. Corporations are huge political donors and their lobbyists directly influence lawmakers.

Consequently, federal funding was reduced or sometimes blocked with programs that were typical of the old PBS, which often criticized corporate interests. (Source)

I am strongly suggesting whether announced or not unannounced, CPB’s PBS and NPR are now influenced by corporate money. Sometimes they are announced.

But this attack on supplements was an example of when the funding comes from a sponsor or sponsors not announced to avoid the threat of no federal funding.

Don’t donate to PBS. They have sided with the enemy of natural medicine. We have the internet, at least so far.

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