Use Natural Skin Cancer Remedies to Avoid Disfiguring Surgeries

When it comes to skin cancer, Big Pharma offers only topical chemo creams and surgery. The chemo creams usually don’t work but often do cause ugly painful side effects. Removing skin cancer tumors surgically usually results in tumors resurfacing sooner or later. And surgeries often leave ugly scars.

However, there are inexpensive, effective, safe cures for curing skin cancer that are banned or ignored and marginalized by mainstream medicine and not publicized by the mainstream media.

There are escharotic salves, which can be a bit dicey because they are caustic. But they are effective. One of the components, bloodroot, was part of Harry Hoxsey‘s topical skin cancer escharotic solutions that demonstrated efficacy for even melanoma, the most dangerous form of skin cancer that’s able to metastasize into internal organs.

Doug Caton was kidnapped from Ecuador and jailed in the USA for being openly defiant toward the corrupt FDA and other authorities that banned his remedy skin cancer remedy. He had produced a popular escharotic black salve version called Cansema that cured many skin cancer victims worldwide.

Even former astronaut, scientist and author Dr. Brian O’Leary, who resided in Ecuador and met Greg Caton there before Greg was kidnapped, testified that he avoided skin cancer surgery by using Greg’s formula.

It’s now possible to receive the same product created by Greg Caton but renamed Amazon Black Tropical Salve. If you Google CancerTutor you may still see that it’s recommended and the links to where you can order it may still be there along with other alternatives.

A Non-Escharotic Eggplant Derivative That Cures Skin Cancers

A relatively new remedy, BEC5 Curaderm, is a spin-off from an Australian folk remedy for farm animals. It is available to anyone online. It uses phyotonutrients extracted from eggplants.

Clinical trials and anecdotal testimonies confirmed Curaderm’s efficacy and safety on basal cell and squamous cell cancers. The maker and distributors for BEC5 make no claims for curing melanoma so far. But at least one person who made a homemade version that anyone can make claimed it cured his melanoma.

Dr. Bill Cham, MD, PhD, who developed this cream, found out about Australian Devil’s Apple plants used by veterinarians and farmers to cure skin cancers on farm animals.

He researched it and determined that the same curative glycoalkaloids were available in eggplant. From there he went on and pioneered the development of BEC5 in London from eggplant.

Dr. Cham claims a high, safe cure rate with non-melanoma skin cancers from his own clinical testing. Detractors assert there are no published reports in medical journals.

That could be due to the fact that Dr. Cham had to go it alone testing his cream on skin cancer patients within the UK hospital system.

Dr. Cham teamed up with Dr. Jonathan Wright, MD, for further testing and promotion on Dr. Wright’s site. His ethical and effective holistic Tahoma Clinic in Seattle Washington has been unfairly harassed by the FDA more than once

Maybe You Can Make Your Own

Some of these anecdotal reports had their skin cancer diagnosed by MDs, with subsequent cures from either BEC5 or a homemade similar solution were confirmed by MDs.

The homemade remedy involves a solution of vinegar and eggplant that extracts the same phyotonutrient glycosides and glycoalkaloids contained in BEC5 directly from the eggplant. The glycoalkaloids penetrate cancer cells selectively and destroy them. Normal cells are left alone.

Some have used white vinegar, while others recommend raw organic apple cider vinegar. Get a medium sized eggplant and grind it up. Put that into a glass jar and fill it up with the vinegar. Place the jar in the refrigerator.

After around three days with the white vinegar, the liquid should turn to a brownish gold color, indicating it’s ready to use. Apple cider vinegar is already a similar color, but three days seasoning in a refrigerator should be enough.

Apply it directly to tumors often with a cotton ball, or secure the soaked cotton onto the tumor with tape. Treatment may take a couple of weeks or more. Both commercial BEC5 Curaderm cream and the homemade version also work on warts and other unhealthy skin conditions.

One homemade user mentioned that according to his doctor, if the homemade procedure is painful, then it is melanoma that’s under attack. Many of these homemade remedy users were in Australia, home of the Devil’s Apple skin cancer solution.

Although Dr. Cham makes no claims of curing melanoma skin cancer with his BEC5 Curaderm cream product, a few homemade remedy users have claimed their vinegar-eggplant solutions cured their melanoma.


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