Viral Photo Of Female U.S. Soldiers Breastfeeding Is Empowering Moms Everywhere – EWAO

There is no bond like that of a mother and her baby. The maternal bond is extremely strong, and a viral photo of US Soldiers breastfeeding their babies has touched the hearts of not only mothers but people everywhere.

As a man, I can not imagine the love of a mother would feel for their child. From what I have researched and picked up on throughout my life, it seems as if it is the strongest bond a human can have. Moms everywhere have been touched by these photos because not all mothers are able to be home with their children – some of them are fighting for our country, and they are some of the bravest, strongest women ever.

In September 2015, Tara Ruby wanted to commemorate the opening of a new nursing room for breastfeeding mothers at Fort Bliss in El Paso. Tara Ruby is a US Air Force veteran, and she is now practicing her photography – and it’s doing rather well. These photos she took of breastfeeding veterans has touched the hearts of many, gone viral, and potentially launched Tara’s photography career. The photo depicts ten volunteer moms, and it was shared thousands of times on Ruby’s facebook page.

She was first inspired to establish the breastfeeding room because Tara herself was a veteran mother. She explained that she would always have to go find a bathroom or private place to pump breast milk or nurse. She served in the US Air Force from 1997 to 2001. The photos taken by Tara Ruby have been hung in the nursing room to commemorate her movement. You can see them below.


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