Visual Evidence Shows Extraterrestrials Have Been Disabling Nuclear Missiles for Over 30 Years


The image above was captured by a Coast Guard photographer in August of 1952: multiple UFOs above a US military installation. What’s more, this area is commonly known for UFO sightings, and this photo was only recently declassified by the United States government. Indeed, there are many other examples of similar images, and even an official case cited by the Canadian military.

Admiral Hill-Norton (Former Chief of Defence staffer, 5-star Admiral of the Royal Navy, and Chairman of the NATO military committee) goes into detail when describing the famous Bentwaters incident in Rendlesham Forest: “It seems to me that the Bentwaters incident is a classic case where an apparent intrusion into our airspace and indeed a landing in our country was witnessed by serious minded people in the military, responsible people doing a responsible job. . . . Bentwaters is in a sense,  a benchmark of how not to deal with these matters in the future. . . . I know a good bit about the Bentwaters incident. . . . There are only two explanations for what happened that night. . . . The first is that what the people concerned . . . they claimed that something from outside the Earth’s atmosphere landed at their Air Force base, they went and stood by it, they inspected it, they photographed it, the following day they took tests on the ground where it had been and found radioactive traces. They reported this . . . and sent it to our ministry of defense.”

This famous incident is one of the most controversial UFO investigations of all time—and evidence is supported by both military testimony and documentation. Even more troubling is the fact that the area houses nuclear weapons, which was only finally officially acknowledged and admitted after years of denials and stonewalling. All in all, Norton is only one of thousands of reputable witnesses worldwide who are willing to testify to similar events and experiences. More specifically, Norton argues that, “There are objects in our atmosphere which are technically miles in advance of anything we can deploy, that we have no means of stopping them coming here . . . [and] that there is a serious possibility that we are being visited and have been visited for many years by people from outer space, from other civilizations. That it behooves us, in case some of these people in the future or now should turn hostile, to find out who they are, where they come from, and what they want. This should be the subject of rigorous scientific investigation and not the subject of ‘rubbishing’ by tabloid newspapers.”

A Wikileaks article titled “Unidentified Flying Objects Over Algeria” provides insight on Russia’s Secretary General of  The Ministry of Defense, Colonel Abdelhamid Latrech, who proclaims that “strange machines . . . had been maneuvering over Algerian airspace in recent weeks . . . seen near military installations by responsible people.” Even though the “responsible people” list is redacted for “Limited Official Use,” hundreds of people have come forth publicly to provide even deeper insight. Professor Robert Jacobs (awarded the Air Force guided missile insignia) was in charge of optical instrumentation at Vandernburg Air Force Base, which means he supervised every missile fired on that test range. Jacobs is on record as saying, “What we photographed up there affected me for the rest of my life, and made a huge impact on my understanding of the universe, and of, governmental manipulation of our minds.” Checkout the YouTube video below to view a recreation of these experiences.


A separate incident happened at Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana, and it has also become one of the most famous of all UFO experiences. In March of 1967 witnesses at a nuclear base saw a red, glowing UFO hovering outside of the front gate; then all the nuclear missiles shut down, and they were not able to be reactivated. Checkout the YouTube video below to see Captain Robert Salas give related testimony at the Citizens Hearing on Disclosure, in front of many academics, politicians, and ex-military individuals (in front of several members of congress).


One theory that could explain these activities is that UFOs are trying to tell humanity to stop “playing with fire”—as in nuclear weapons. However, Colonel Ross Dedrickson found “reports of visits by UFOs over the storage facilities and even some of the manufacturing facilities, and that went on continuously. . . . [T]he reports were few and far between, but the security people were reluctant to report many of them because the protocol and the bureaucracy  involved in reporting them, they just avoided reporting. . . . UFOs were very much interested in the facilities (nuclear weapons manufacturing facilities). . . . A couple of nuclear weapons that were sent out into space were destroyed by the extraterrestrials.”

Evidently, the Vandenburg incident (as previously discussed) involved photographing a missile and a UFO just before entering space: “And that is their (extraterrestrials) major concern, to preserve the integrity of the Earth because it affects their own system. There was one incident when we exploded a nuclear weapon over the pacific . . . and the disturbance that it caused because it shut out communications entirely over the pacific base for a number of hours in which no radio transmission was available at any time. This was one of the things that the extraterrestrials later I learned were highly concerned about because it affected our ionosphere and, in fact, space-craft were unable to operate because of the pollution in the magnetic field, which they depended upon. At the very end of the 70s and early 80s, we attempted to put a nuclear weapon on the moon and explode it for scientific measurements and other things (assess scientific data, reaction and so forth), which was not acceptable to the extraterrestrials. They destroyed the weapon before it got to the moon. The idea of any explosion in space by any Earth government was not acceptable to the extraterrestrials, and that has been demonstrated by extraterrestrials over and over.”

Quite frankly, this information and these insights are all astounding, and there is even evidence from interviews in support. Moreover, it’s alarming to think that a nuclear explosion impacts other civilizations in addition to our own, and that they have such negative effects on Earth’s magnetic field. It’s perhaps never been so clear that human beings must decommission all nuclear weapons in order to thrive as a species—and possibly just to survive as a species.





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