Wanting To Kill Her Family, This Psychopath Child Shocked The World In the 90s — Where Is She Now?

When Beth was adopted by the Thomas family, it seemed as if everything was just fine.  That was until she killed a whole nest of baby birds.

Shortly following that incident, she attacked her brother while he was asleep.  Not really understanding her motives, the parents questioned Beth, and her reply was just as creepy as her actions.  She understood that what she did was wrong, and that it would stop, but with a smile that said otherwise.  Soon after, things got really bad.

She was found attacking her brother by smashing his face into the concrete repeatedly.  She tortured dogs and destroyed her room.  She even attacked her grandfather.  When it got to this point, the parents had to ask the adoption agency if there was something seriously wrong with Beth.

The answer they got was that it simply couldn’t happen.  Because of laws governing adoptions, all information of her life prior was kept under wraps.  Then she was found by some people making a documentary series called Child of Rage.

When asked about what her parents do when she goes to bed, she says “They lock my door.”  Then, when asked why, she says that she’ll “hurt John”, her brother.  It comes out that she was extremely abused as a child, including being molested and violently offended.

After the show aired, Beth was able to get much needed therapy and attention.  She has made a full recovery and gone on to do great things. Now a registered nurse, she help children who were in her position to get help.

It really is an amazing thing to see someone who was so traumatized come out on the other side.  It’s a terrible thing to have happened to a young child, and all the more spectacular to see that one can heal from something like that.  There is proof that things do get better!

Humans are infinitely able to do better, brighter things.  When they are hindered by others, or damaged by what they endure, it’s sometimes hard to see that.  With a little bit of help from people who love, care, and support them, it is possible to turn that around and be the person they want to be!


This article was inspired by this one here.

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