We Are All Born Creative Geniuses But Modern Education Lowers Our Awareness, According to NASA Scientists

Do Americans Get Less Creative with Age?

Any reputable grade school in the world teaches Charles Darwin’s “theory” of evolution as basic fact, yet a national poll in America has revealed that 42% of citizens are “not too” or “not at all” confident that the concept of evolution is real. 36% had serious doubts that the Earth is around 4.5 billion years old, despite numerous scientific tests that indicate this. Only 53% per cent of people were “extremely” or “very confident” that childhood vaccines are safe and effective, despite mountains and mountains of evidence that proves this.

A paltry 33% of Americans polled believe in human-induced climate change, even though the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has made it as clear as possible that it is real, it is us, and it will have catastrophic effects on humanity as a whole unless drastic and immediate action is taken to combat it. Despite mass shootings in Colorado, Texas, Virginia, Las Vegas, ad infinitum, gun control still isn’t close to the number one issue that most Americans decide their vote on, and laws and regulations continue to be watered down instead of squeezed. In fact, Georgia now has a law that enables people to carry weapons in state and local buildings, airports, churches and bars, Florida is contemplating waiving all gun restrictions during emergencies like riots or hurricanes, and at least 12 states have made it legal for people to carry guns in schools.

Dr. George Land recently informed an audience at TEDx Tucson of his findings regarding a NASA-level creativity test that was performed on school children. Land and Beth Jarman were the ones who developed the test, and it was designed to determine where creativity comes from, and if it is inherited or learned. In total, 1,600 children between the ages of 4 and 5 were tested.


Almost unbelievably, scientists concluded that 98% of these children were creative geniuses! However, when the same children were tested only 5 years later, merely 30% of them were creative geniuses; 5 years after that, a paltry 12% qualified. As might be expected—at least after reading the aforementioned results—only 2% of adults test as creative geniuses. Also keep in mind that this trend has been verified millions of times. The modern school system is making most children less creative, overall.

Dr. Nascimento, head scientist for the study cited above, explains that, “The reasoning for this is not too difficult to apprehend; school, as we plainly call it, is an institution that has historically been put in place to ultimately serve the wants of the ruling class, not the common people. In order for the so-called elite to maintain their lavish life styles of overt luxury—where the contribute the least but enjoy the most—they understand that children must be dumbed down and brainwashed to accept (And even serve) their rapacious system of artificial scarcity, unending exploitation, and incessant war.”

Dr. Land argues that, “actually looking inside the brain we find that neurons are fighting each other and actually diminishing the power of the brain because we’re constantly judging, criticizing, and censoring. If we operate under fear we use a smaller part of the brain, but when we use creative thinking the brain just lights up.”






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