We Don’t Meet Anyone by Accident – 5 Types of Synchronistic Connections

In the beautiful world we live in, every single meeting and chance encounter serves a greater purpose. Absolutely nothing happens purely by accident.

There is a mysterious phenomenon that often occurs throughout our lives, one that cannot be explained with science or any other “normal” means. It feels cliche to say there is no such thing as coincidence, and everything happens for a reason, but there is truth to such words.

Throughout the journey that is life, we come across all types of people from many cultures and backgrounds, and each one serves a different purpose in furthering our development. Some people stay with us forever, making a larger impact on our lives than we could ever have imagined at that first seemingly random encounter. Other people however, are so insignificant, that we barely even notice them. Each one of these people, and the connections they represent, serve a purpose, whether it be painful or joyous, they teach us lessons that help us further ourselves.

Some of these paths that we must go down are rougher than others but that is just a part of life. Both the good and the bad adventures are important to what makes up our journey, it is truly a magical mystery who we may meet next and the experiences that they may bring.

These are the 5 types of Synchronistic Encounters You Will Have with People on your Journey:

1. The ones who awaken us.

Many people in our lives do not stay around for long. They stop by to remind us of our goals, dreams, and then they go on their merry way. The Universe sends us such people so that we may stay focused on our goals and take steps to reach them.

2. Those that remind us.

In life, we come across people who keep us from straying off the path. They keep us on the right road to success and happiness. While these people are often temporary, they leave a lasting impact on our souls.

3. Those who push us to grow.

Certain people are teachers, people that show us sometimes difficult lessons that will further our development. These people will teach us things that we may have struggled to learn on our own.

4. Those who hold space.

Some people we meet are present for such a short amount of time they seem insignificant. Whether you run into them in a cafe, on a bus, or simply pass them on the street. You make small talk with them but never further a connection, these are the people who hold space for us.

5. Those who stay.

A small percentage of those we encounter in our lives will actually stay with us forever. These people are rare and usually difficult to find, but they are by far the most valuable we will meet. Whether they are close friends, significant others, or family, they have the largest impact on our lives. These people lift you up when you fall and help you grow. Their presence alone is enough to push you to do things that generally would not be possible. In order to find these rare individuals, one must be patient with the universe, they will come along sooner or later. When you connect with these special people, they will be with you forever.

They will share similar dreams and aspirations in their life mission, and they truly want you to succeed in yours.

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