What Are the Most Self-Aware Zodiac Signs? Ranked from Least to Most.

Human beings who are overly self-aware obsess over mistakes because they detest making them so much; ironically, these obsessions prevent them from ever learning from their mistakes and improving themselves. Moreover, this prevents people from being able to feel good about themselves even when they’ve done something that’s worthy of honor and praise. Oddly enough, astrology can help identify individuals who are most prone to being overly self-critical as a result of their zodiac sign.


Self-awareness: ranked from least to most.



#12: Gemini.


Geminis don’t generally have issues with self-awareness, but when they do it’s often because they’ve let let someone down (at least in their own mind). In order to get back to being spontaneous, chatty, and entertaining, a Gemini needs to realize that everyone is responsible for their own life, and that virtually nothing in life goes perfectly.


#11. Leo.


Leos are normally pretty good about accepting it when things don’t workout as intended, and they know that they’ll be able to make similar situations in the future go more smoothly. Leos do tend to have minor issues with letting people know that they care, however.


#10. Capricorn.


Capricorns know that they don’t have to be perfect to make others appreciate them, so this allows them to avoid being overly self-conscious for the most part. Yet, sometimes Capricorns struggle with relaxing enough to feel good about the fact that most people enjoy their company.


#9: Sagittarius.

Sags despise being tied-down, so this can weigh on their mind and overcome their focus and attention every once in a while. Sags can usually get past this at some point in life, but the sooner the better.


#8: Pisces.


Pisces really can be too critical of themselves; being late or not showing up at all can infuriate them. Things like this happen naturally in the modern world, so hopefully most Pisces are able to acknowledge and accept this.


#7: Taurus.


A Taurus can usually keep their patience and their cool, but when they realize that they need to make a significant change in perspective they can be extremely hesitant and resistant. This can cause them to lose their calm and become overly subconscious.


#6: Cancer.


Cancers can be severely critical of themselves, and it’s normally the result of a romantic relationship not panning out. Even if it’s the other person’s fault or nobody’s fault at all, Cancers always come to the conclusion that they are the one to blame (and they become fixated on this point).


#5: Aries. 


Aries attempt to prove their worth every day, but if they don’t achieve anything significant or if no one notices when they do, sometimes they can’t stop thinking about it. An Aries must learn to move on and move forward in order to live a happy, peaceful, and successful life.


#4: Aquarius.


People of the sign of Aquarius often can’t handle being alone or being single, but they really can’t handle knowing that other people know they can’t handle it. This can prevent them from ever being happy or finding love, so it’s something that must be worked on.


#3: Scorpio.


Scorpios usually put a lot of effort into loving their partner and into making their partner feel loved, but they can lose control of themselves when it’s clear that their partner doesn’t feel loved, or doesn’t love them back. This can lead to intense jealousy and self-awareness.


#2: Virgo.


Virgos have high standards for themselves: so high that this alone results in them being overly self-aware. The easy solution is to simply lower their standards, but it could take a lifetime for a Virgo to be convinced of this (or longer).


#1: Libra.


Libras desire to be popular so much that they become the most perfect of the most perfect perfectionists. However, this means that they frequently seem calm and charming when they’re actually nervous and panicking. This leads to self-doubt and negative feelings, so it’s vital for Libras to lower their standards in order to be happy.





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