What Do You See? The First Animal You See in This Picture Will Reveal Your Dominant Personality Traits

It’s fascinating to think that a human being’s personality is comprised of countless unique characteristics which make them incredibly distinct—and different—from any other individual. Yet, it can still be said that everyone has a primary or over-arching characteristic which significantly shapes their perception and perspectives. Continue reading and viewing below in order to pinpoint your truly personal, primitive, “animal” personality.

Source: meaww.

#1: The stallion.

If you first see a stallion, it’s a strong indication that you are ambitious, wild, and outgoing. This is good news, because it means you’ll be driven to succeed and excel, and also to maintain dignity and respect.

#2: The rooster.

If you first see a rooster, it means your over-arching characteristic is likely perseverance. You have the ability to be quick, smart, and diligent—as well as deceptively fierce.

#3: The crab.

If you see a crab, you likely possess a hard outer-shell and a soft inner-being (at least metaphorically). What’s more, you’re probably quite loyal (to yourself and others), and you’re incredibly selfless to boot.

#4: The praying mantis. 

If you spot a praying mantis, you have the potential to master your senses and patience; this means being able to maintain focus and control for hours on end, and being able to trust your instincts implicitly. You are particularly primal in nature, and you may have even mastered both mind and soul.

#5: The wolf. 

If you first see a wolf, you are probably solitary—yet always surrounded by company and support. In other words, you’re likely fearless, fierce, and intimidating; yet, all of these things can lead to loneliness from time to time.

#6: The dog.

If you spot a dog, you’re capable of being loyal, brave, protective, and selfless. Loyalty can lead to ferocity and selflessness can turn into love, so you are both primitive and evolved in many ways.

#7: The eagle.

If you see an eagle, you’re likely destined to fly wild and to swoop down whenever and wherever you choose. You can obtain anything you desire with careful attention and planning, and you can be confident in your natural decisiveness.

#8: The butterfly. 

If you first see a butterfly, you could very well be a symbol of beauty and change; transformation from cocoon to butterfly is transcendental indeed, and you probably have similar capabilities.

#9: The dove. 

If you spot a dove, you’re likely a symbol of peace and meaningful love. What’s more, you probably possess a wise soul, and you can be calm, patient, and nurturing—toward others and yourself. Lastly, you could be a symbol for hope.






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