What is Your “I Will Love You Until…” (According to Your Zodiac Sign)

Genuine love tends to make human beings happier, more productive, and more successful in general, but experiencing true love—meaningful and lasting love—seems to be incredibly difficult to initially spawn. However, the Zodiac signs have the potential to reveal what the deal-breakers are for specific types of human beings when it comes to long-term love.

Aries will love you until you break them.

Since Aries are warriors, they instinctively lead and fight for what they believe in; if you are their loving partner—or convince them that you are—then they will do whatever they can to please and defend you. But if an Aries finds out that their time and effort has been wasted on a dishonourable or unfaithful human being—just run (just in case).

A Taurus will love you until you lie to them.

People of the sign of Taurus are similar to individuals of the sign of Aries, except a Taurus places special worth on honesty and openness. They are faithful and truthful themselves, and they don’t give their trust away lightly. But when they do and their trust is shown to be misplaced—it’s over (so over).

A Gemini will love you until you get sneaky.

Gemini is governed by Mercury, so these individuals are adept at communicating, learning, and teaching. As such, a Gemini desires a partner they can converse with about global issues and projects—but if they find out that you are “faking” your way through a conversation, then it’s the last straw (even if it’s the first straw).

Cancers will love you until you become someone else.

Cancer is governed by the Moon, so these people are compassionate, emotional, and personable. If they sense a shared connection, they will support their partners physically, mentally, and emotionally, to at least the same degrees or more that they receive similar support or energy from their partners. However, if they ever sense that the connection has faded (or has changed to a one-way), then parting is inevitable.

A Leo will love you until you let them down.

Leo is governed by the Sun, so they instinctively aim for being the centre of attention. If they are in love with you and you help them achieve or maintain their status, the times will be good; however, if you do something to lessen their status (or otherwise embarrass them), then the times will be at an end.

Virgos will love you until you deceive them.

Since a Virgo is a child of Mercury, they master criticism and truth—and they are insulted by anything or anyone that stands in the way of real truth and genuine reality. You don’t have to straight-up lie to a Virgo for them to reject you; simply telling a half-truth or leaving key information out would be more than enough.

A Libra will love you until you get angry.

Libra’s are children of Venus (Aphrodite), so they often place great value on experiencing the most perfect, beautiful, and peaceful relationship possible. However, they’re not above a little deception or “selling” in order to make things “perfect” according to them, and if you resist their “gentle urging,” you’ll both become angry (and single) rapidly.

Scorpios will love you until you hide something from them.

They will be 100% open and honest with you, and virtually the only thing they’ll ask in return is that you be 100% open and honest with them. However, if they even suspect that you’re hiding even some aspect of something they’d want to know (or have asked you about)—then they’ll drop you like you’re hot.

A Sagittarius will love you until you lose hope or faith.

Sagittarius is the child of Zeus (Jupiter), so these people tend to be extremely ambitious. What’s more, if they discover that you are standing in the way of them accomplishing something meaningful—or even if they notice that you’re simply slowing them down—then they’ll aspire for a more efficient and productive partner.

Capricorns will love you until you abandon self-love.

A Capricorn is a child of Saturn, so these individuals are usually warm-hearted, affectionate, and more loving than most. Yet, they need a partner who they can look up to and try to replicate; Capricorns want to be able to love themselves in addition to their partners, so if you don’t love yourself, then they can’t love you.

An Aquarius will love you until you begin to conform.

If they love you, it’s because you’re unique—and because you make them feel a very unique way that no one else does (or can). But if you slack-off creatively or become a little too much like the other human sheep in the world, then an Aquarius will flock to someone else quickly. 

Pisces will love you until you stop inspiring them.

Human beings of the sign of Pisces need a partner who will make them want to get out of bed quickly in the morning, and get back home right after work. So, if they start finding it difficult to find the motivation to live an active life—or to actively love a partner—then it’s time to mix things up significantly.



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