What It Feels Like after Separating from Our Twin Flame

Regarding the finding of one’s twin flame, a wise person once said, “Next time, I’ll ask for a better map. Do you know how many dead ends and detours I took to find you?” Even though there is not just one twin flame or soulmate for each of us, it still isn’t easy to experience ascension and unite with a twin flame. In the meantime, human beings are bound to experience many disappointments and failures, but although a life separate from a twin flame can be challenging, it is definitely not without hope. In fact, some twin flames serve their purposes in full before they depart from our lives.

However, some twin flames are special because of a particularly strong connection, and yet they may not serve their full purpose regardless of how long your union lasts. Indeed, growth cannot occur unless both flames are ready to actively evolve, and love cannot materialize unless both flames are burning at precisely the right time in precisely the right location. As mentioned, experiencing a genuine twin flame is sometimes a once in a lifetime experience, but this is not a strict rule by any stretch of the imagination; just as many individuals never find one true flame, so too do many individuals end up finding more than one true flame over the entire course of their lives. What’s more, even if a special human being does not turn out to be your twin flame, they could still be a true soulmate who is able to provide precisely what you need in order to experience happiness and success at that point in your life.

Every person should always remember that every day, there is always the genuine chance of connecting with a twin flame or soul mate; regardless of break-up, separation, or grief, it is not only possible to still connect with a kindred spirit, but doing so will make getting through your experience much more tolerable and peaceful (which may be why you’ve met the person at this time anyway). Aside from meditating or journalling in order to release negative energy which could prevent spiritual connections, performing rituals beneath a full moon has also been noted for its effectiveness. Evidently, burning a personal letter underneath the moon can vanquish any emotional or mental weight which you’ve been carrying within yourself. Once you have allowed yourself to heal and process, you will be much more open to spiritual connections of the mind, body, and soul.

It’s only natural for masculine and feminine energies to crave each other; the essence of the sublime Shiva and Shakti forms divine light and love, and evolution frequently becomes instinct. Every human being is capable of finding love with or without a twin flame or soul mate, yet every human being should strive to meet as many of these people as possible in order to maximize the amount of happiness they experience throughout their lifetimes. Many people believe that humans are light orbs of energy that radiate love and vibrate on distinct frequencies; regardless of form, there are certainly several complementary frequencies vibrating for all of us—somewhere on the planet.


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