What Kind Of Energy Do You Have? (Test)

We are ruled by energy as you may have noticed. Our life energy determines just how we interact with those around us.

We are all filled with a special type of energy whether it is psychic energy, divine energy, or radiant energy. Divine energy is warm and understanding, psychic energy is a deep power, and radiant energy is full of wisdom. All of these are important and will do a lot of good for you on your life journey but knowing your energy is very important. We have to be able to understand ourselves to the fullest extent. It is important to maintain a positive outlook which all of these signs are capable of.

The kind of energy you have reflects back in your decisions and your overall path in this life. We are all assigned our specific kinds of energy for a reason and nothing happens without cause. This life is short and in each life, our energy may change, your energy in your past lives may be completely different than the energy you have now.

This can sometimes even leave you feeling drawn to more than one type of energy. To find out which kind you have, take the quiz below. It may tell you a lot more than you thought it would. I for one was not expecting my results!

What type of energy did you get? Do you feel like this energy type is true to you? Let us know what you think!

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