What?! Motorcyclist Sees THIS While Riding Down The Road. Try To Explain This Away.

Have you ever had something happen to you that you just can’t explain? Ghosts, aliens, spirits… While we can’t all seem to agree what these things are, footage keeps being recorded of terrifying, inexplicable events. Check out this one, brought to you by a man riding his motorcycle on a New Jersey highway at 1 in the morning:

What appears to be a woman walking on the side of the road in a wedding gown, in the middle of a highway with no houses around for miles, is definitely cause for a double-take. While the motorcyclist didn’t get off to investigate further, we are left with all sorts of questions: What was she doing there? How did she get there? Or, just maybe, was she a spirit — returned to walk this world once again?

Check out the article that inspired this one here

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