What On Earth Is That? Have UFO Hunters Found A Massive Antenna on Antarctica?

Apparently, Antarctica has all the perfect ingredients for being called a Conspiracy haven.

Now, A UFO Hunter and Youtuber from Arizona (USA) claims to have discovered a giant object using satellite images from Google Earth on the Frozen Continent.

According to his claims, there’s a massive Antenna covered by thick layers of snow on Antarctica, and it wasn’t placed there by penguins, was it?

Antarctica, a continent shrouded in mystery

For years has Antarctica been mentioned in the same sentence as UFO, Conspiracy, Aliens, Secret Bases, and Pyramids.

But what makes Antarctica so mysterious, and is there anything anomalous on the frozen continent at all, other than secret penguin societies?

This is the result of wind currents, right? Image Credit: YouTube

Mostly because of its isolated geographical position, Antarctica is being bombarded by stories of secret bases, aliens, and pyramids.

Its far away from society, its mostly uninhabited, its covered in snow, and it was once a continent teeming with life.

But because of the fact that it’s mostly uninhabited, visited mostly only by scientific expeditions, and located far away from society, the continent of Antarctica offers all necessary ingredients for a great conspiracy theory.

The above facts have made Antarctica appear every once in a while, in news as one of the most mysterious places on Earth.

Therefore, it is not strange that numerous ‘conspiracy theories, claims, and accounts’ have been proposed throughout the years, trying to explain some of the many enigmatic occurrences on Earth’s most isolated continent.

Many authors have proposed that there are many interesting things hidden beneath Antarctica that are kept away from society.

And even though we know about Antarctica only for a little over 100 years, there are numerous ancient maps that depict parts of Antarctica free of ice.

Anyway, despite the fact that many details about Antarctica are exaggerated, every once in a while, something new is found on the icy continent.

Now, a man who goes by the nickname MrMBB333, believes that satellite images from Antarctica supposedly show a structure with straight lines which he reckons, is not the product of nature, nor wind currents, for that matter.

Oh, here’s the video:

Skeptics argue that it’s just snowdrifts, but Michael insists it’s a giant antenna.

The question that arises now is who could have built such a structure in a place like that if of course, it is a massive manmade structure.

So, what do you think?

Could this be some sort of massive underground facility on Antarctica? Or is this discovery, as skeptics suggest, just the result of mother nature and wind currents?

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