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We are all drawn to different colors and shapes. Oftentimes we display our preferences in the physical aspects of our lives.

If you like bright colors chances are your room will be filled with them. This goes for any color choice and if you prefer modern designs you are more likely to have a room that reflects that. This is something that tells us a lot about you. The colors and shapes you choose informs us on several things regarding your personality.

Take a look at the picture below and choose one without thinking too much about it.











Here is what the symbol you chose means for you:

Square One: If you chose square one chances are you love warm weather and are able to stay calm in even the most stressful situations. You love spending time with your friends and people are often drawn to you because of your easy going personality.

Square Two: You are much more in touch with the feelings of others. You love going on hikes as well as camping trips and love animals of all kinds. People are always having fun when you are around because you can bring light to any room.

Square Three: You are a little boring and sometimes it will make people not want to be around you. However, you have a good sense of style and are a good friend to have once people get to know you.

Square Four: You are spontaneous and people love that about you. When you are around everyone expects you to bring the fun. You are often nervous but are great at hiding it.

Square Five: People respect you. You are great at giving advice and are very thoughtful. People love just about everything about you.

Square Six: You are loud and outgoing without a doubt. People become overwhelmed when they spend too much time with you but overall you are loyal and strong. You are a go to when people need backup and take no shit.

Did your choice sum you up? Which one did you choose? Mine was spot on!


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